Electric Transaxles

Battery Operated Axles with a Power Range of 0.15 to 20 kW

Experience a complete and adaptable power system perfect for electric vehicles. Our simplified gearboxes include a possible lockable differential, strong axle, effective brake system, and an electric motor, all combined into one easy-to-use solution, making vehicle assembly quick and straightforward.

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Wheel Chair
Emobility Electric Transaxles
GolF Car Electric Transaxles
SCOOTER Electric Transaxles
Tourism Electric Transaxles

Electric transaxles play a crucial role in the operation of power wheelchairs. They provide the necessary torque to propel the wheelchair forward, and the speed can be easily adjusted depending on the user's need. This makes maneuvering easier, especially in tight spaces. The integration also adds to the wheelchair's overall stability and durability.

In amusement parks, electric transaxles are often used in the operation of various rides, especially in vehicles like bumper cars, go-karts, or trackless trains. They provide the required propulsion and control, making the rides smoother, safer, and more energy-efficient.

Electric transaxles are pivotal in commercial and industrial cleaning machinery, such as floor scrubbers and sweepers. They provide the necessary motion, allowing these machines to move seamlessly across different surfaces, including rough terrains, while simultaneously providing enough power for the cleaning functions.

EMobility refers to electric vehicles, and electric transaxles are essential components in these. They combine the functionality of the transmission, axle, and differential into one integrated assembly, improving the performance, efficiency, and space utilization in EVs. Their use also promotes better weight distribution, contributing to improved handling and range.

Electric transaxles in golf cars ensure smooth and efficient operation. They provide the power for the vehicle to traverse the varied terrains of a golf course with ease. Additionally, their use in golf cars helps to reduce noise pollution, offering a quieter and more enjoyable golfing experience.

In electric scooters, the use of electric transaxles is growing. They provide the necessary power and control, contributing to the scooter's speed, maneuverability, and overall performance. They also improve the scooter's energy efficiency, making it a more sustainable mode of transportation.

Electric transaxles find their use in various tourist vehicles, such as electric tour buses, boats, or sightseeing cars. They provide efficient propulsion, enabling these vehicles to operate for extended periods while using less energy. This is especially valuable in eco-tourism settings, where reducing emissions and environmental impact is essential.

Solution for Electric Transaxles

Harness the power of our Battery-Powered Axles, ranging from 0.15 to 20kW, to drive your electric vehicle needs. We offer the most comprehensive, scalable drivetrain system on the market.

180W - 500W Series

180W 300W Permanent Magnet
The LD01 series drive axle features a DC permanent magnet brushed motor...
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250W Permanent Magnet
The ND12-1-21 250W Electric Transaxle blends a DC permanent magnet ...
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300-350W Transaxles
The Rotontek LDM(X)1 Series Drive Axle, featuring a brushless DC motor and...
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350W-500W Permanent Magnet
The Rotontek LD02 Series Drive Axle combines a DC permanent magnet...
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Multi functional

Offering a robust range of 180W to 500W electric transaxles across four unique products. Features high torque, enduring durability, and multiple safety measures suitable for diverse industry needs. Committed to providing reliable power solutions for your projects, crafting superior drive experiences.

500W - 800W Series

Ranging from 500W to 800W. The series includes ND22-2-21, LD03D, LD02B, and LDM(X)2 models, each integrating a DC permanent magnet motor and differential, ensuring low noise, high torque, and longevity. Customizable and efficient, they are perfect for a wide array of applications like electric trolleys, scrubbers, scooters, and more.

500W Permanent Magnet
Experience the power and efficiency of Rotontek 500W ND22-2-21 Electric Transaxle. Featu...
500W-800W Permanent Magnet
Introducing the LD03D series Electric Transaxle from Rotontek, a high-performance solution...
500-800W Transaxles
Discover superior power and efficiency with Rotontek LDM(X)2 series transaxles. Featuring...
500-800W Permanent Magnet
Introducing the LD02B series Electric Transaxles by Rotontek, featuring a permanent magnet...

800W - 11KW Series

Selection of 800W-11KW Electric Transaxles, including the LD(X)4, LD04B, LDM04B, and LD26 series, delivers power, precision, and efficiency. Integrating a DC permanent magnet motor and a differential, these transaxles offer superior torque, low-speed performance, and robust durability. Ideal for a wide range of applications from cleaning vehicles to amusement equipment.

800W-1300W Permanent Magnet
LD(X)4 series Electric Transaxle, powered by a DC permanent magnet brushed motor, offers remarkable...
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11KW Strong Power Drive Axle
Experience the pinnacle of drive axle technology with Rotontek’s 11KW Drive Axle. Engineered for...
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800-1500W Transaxles
800-1500W Transaxle with a brushless motor is a sophisticated piece of equipment integrating...
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2500W D/C Brushed Drive
2500W drive axle stands out for its compact design, superior rigidity, and top-tier craftsmanship...
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3000W-5000W DC Permanent Magnet
LD62 Series, a 3000W-5000W DC Permanent Magnet Synchronous Disc Brake Axle, offers quiet...
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3000W-5000W DC Permanent Magnet
LD62 series, with its 3000W-5000W DC Permanent Magnet Synchronous Drum Brake Axle LD26 Electric Transaxles...
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ALL-In-One Solution

Experience Electric Transaxles: power, convenience, and eco-friendly.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Electric Transaxles enhance vehicle fuel economy, making your ride more eco-friendly.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Electric Transaxles require less upkeep, cutting down on your maintenance expenses.

Noise Reduction

Experience quieter rides with Electric Transaxles due to their seamless operation.

Retrofitting Flexibility

Fit Electric Transaxles in most vehicles easily, upgrading performance without major modifications.

Optimized Power

With Electric Transaxles, enjoy balanced power distribution for smoother drives.

Extended Vehicle Lifespan

By reducing mechanical stress, Electric Transaxles can prolong your vehicle's lifespan.

Enhanced Performance

Electric Transaxles deliver superior performance, optimizing speed and torque.

Environmentally Friendly

Choosing Electric Transaxles contributes to reducing carbon emissions, protecting our planet.

Electric Transaxles Develop​

Tracing the progression of Electric Transaxles technology.

1950s: The Concept Birth

Electric Transaxles originated as a conceptual design in the automotive industry.

1970s: Early Prototypes

Early Electric Transaxle prototypes were introduced, paving the way for integrated drivetrain systems.

1990s: Digital Revolution

The digital era catalyzed the enhancement of Electric Transaxles, improving efficiency and performance.

2000s: Adoption in Hybrid Vehicles

Electric Transaxles became commonplace in hybrid vehicles, optimizing power distribution.

2010s: Mass Market Adoption

Major automotive manufacturers started incorporating Electric Transaxles in their vehicles for improved fuel economy.

Future: Autonomous & Electric Vehicles

Electric Transaxles are set to play a pivotal role in the expanding autonomous and electric vehicle markets.


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to top queries about Electric Transaxles.

What is an Electric Transaxle?

An Electric Transaxle is an efficient transmission system for electric vehicles that integrates an electric motor, reduction gears, and differential into one unit, converting electric power into motive power to drive the vehicle.

What are the advantages of Electric Transaxles?

Electric Transaxles have benefits like high efficiency, compact structure, lighter weight, and easy installation. Additionally, as electric vehicles do not have internal combustion engines, they offer improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

How long does an Electric Transaxle last?

The lifespan of an Electric Transaxle depends on various factors including driving conditions, maintenance, and so on. However, generally, these systems can function for several hundred thousand kilometers with proper maintenance and usage.

What maintenance does an Electric Transaxle require?

Compared to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, Electric Transaxles require less maintenance, primarily involving regular checks, lubrication, and cooling system upkeep.

How do I check if my Electric Transaxle is functioning properly?

You can check the functionality of your Electric Transaxle by listening for unusual noises, observing vehicle performance, and conducting regular professional maintenance and checks.

Does an Electric Transaxle make noise?

Electric Transaxles are generally quieter than traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, but noises can occur if there are issues with the motor, reduction gears, or differential.

What is the efficiency of an Electric Transaxle?

The efficiency of Electric Transaxles is quite high, often surpassing 90%, indicating a high level of conversion of electric power into mechanical power.

Can I retrofit my traditional car with an Electric Transaxle?

Yes, it's possible to retrofit traditional cars with Electric Transaxles, but it's a complex process that involves significant changes to the vehicle's structure and systems. It's advised to consult with a professional before undertaking such a conversion.

What's the main difference between Electric Transaxles and traditional car systems?

Electric Transaxles are a part of electric vehicles, using electric power directly as a power source. Compared to internal combustion engine vehicles, they are more efficient, environmentally friendly, and require less maintenance.

What should I do if my Electric Transaxle malfunctions?

If your Electric Transaxle malfunctions, it's recommended to get Contact us:+86-18022183568 Mr.huan