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Hydraulic Pump Series

CBKT Unidirectional Gear Pump
The CBKT Unidirectional Gear Pump, a high-pressure, small displacement pump, incorporates...
CBE Gear Pumps
exemplifies precision engineering with two aluminum bearing blocks, automatic axis clearance compensation, and meticulously crafted...
CBST bidirectional gear pump
Rotontek CBST Bidirectional Gear Pump is a compact, high-pressure pump known for its accuracy...

Plunger Pump

The MPP cartridge piston pump by Rotontek redefines compact power performance, offering efficiency and reliability in a cost-effective package. Excelling with hydraulic and brake fluids and ultra-low viscosity substances, this pump maintains a 90% volumetric rate under demanding conditions. 

plunger pump
Electric Hydraulic Cylinder EHC-6335500-16HC

Electric Hydraulic

The EHC-6335500-16HC, a compact Electro-Hydraulic Actuator (EHA) from Rotontek, offers simplicity in installation without compromising power.

Dc Brushless Hydraulic System

The CWHP Continuous Working System Brushless DC Hydraulic System, developed by Rotontek, operates powerfully in automotive and outdoor applications. Designed for continuous operation in diverse scenarios,

Dc brushless hydraulic system

Compact Hydraulic System

119D Forklift Hydraulic Power Unita
The 119D Forklift Hydraulic Power Unit boasts a 30% longer working time compared to similar products...
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170B series Hydraulic power unit
The 170 series hydraulic power unit features a 1.5-2.2kW motor and 1.2-2.7cc/rev flow range, designed...
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170A series hydraulic power unit
The 170A Series Hydraulic Power Unit delivers 1.5-2.2kW power and a 1.2-2.7cc/rev flow range...
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119 Hydraulic power unit
The 119 series hydraulic power unit boasts enhanced power and displacement compared to...
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109 B series Compact hydraulic power unit
The 109 B series Compact Hydraulic Power Unit features a space-saving design, combining a DC motor...
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109 A /C Compact hydraulic power unit
The 109 series hydraulic power unit features a compact design with a DC motor, gear pump, oil tank...
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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to top queries about Hydraulic Power Unit.

What is a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)?

A Hydraulic Power Unit, or HPU, is a device that uses a pump to generate hydraulic energy from mechanical energy. This power is used to drive hydraulic equipment or machinery, such as lifts, presses, and motors.

How does a Hydraulic Power Unit work?

The HPU works by using a hydraulic pump, which is powered by an electric motor or a combustion engine, to convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. This hydraulic fluid is then sent through hydraulic circuits to power hydraulic machinery or tools.

What are the main components of a Hydraulic Power Unit?

The main components of an HPU typically include a hydraulic pump, a reservoir to store the hydraulic fluid, an electric motor or engine, pressure relief valves, filters, and cooling and heating systems.

Why is cooling necessary in an HPU?

Cooling is necessary to control the operating temperature of the hydraulic fluid, which can heat up due to friction and pressure. Excessive heat can degrade the hydraulic fluid and damage the system components, leading to system failure.

What type of maintenance does an HPU require?

Regular maintenance of an HPU may include checking and replacing the hydraulic fluid, inspecting and cleaning the filters, checking the pump and motor for wear and tear, and ensuring that the cooling and heating systems are working properly.

How often should I change the hydraulic fluid?

The frequency for changing hydraulic fluid depends on the specific use case and manufacturer's recommendations. However, as a rule of thumb, it's typically recommended to change the fluid every 1,000 to 2,000 operating hours.

What are the most common problems with Hydraulic Power Units?

Some common problems with HPUs include overheating, contamination of hydraulic fluid, fluid leakage, pump failure, and inefficiencies due to worn out components.

How do you troubleshoot a Hydraulic Power Unit?

Troubleshooting an HPU usually involves checking the hydraulic fluid level and quality, inspecting for leaks, verifying the operation of the pump and motor, and testing the pressure relief valves and filters.

Can Hydraulic Power Units be used outdoors?

Yes, many HPUs are designed to be used in outdoor environments. However, they should be adequately protected from extreme weather conditions and the hydraulic fluid temperature should be maintained within the specified operating range.

What safety precautions should be taken when operating a Hydraulic Power Unit?

Safety precautions include wearing appropriate protective gear, regularly inspecting the HPU for leaks or damage, keeping the working area clean and free from trip hazards, and adhering to all operating and maintenance instructions from the manufacturer.