250W Permanent Magnet (Brushed/Brushless) Electric Transaxles ND12-1-21

The ND12-1-21 250W Electric Transaxle blends a DC permanent magnet motor with a differential for superior performance. Equipped with alloy steel hard tooth surface gear and oil lubrication, it offers 5x the lifespan of powder gold gears. With a remarkably low noise level at 54dB, this transaxle is perfect for electric trolleys, floor cleaners, mobile trucks, and children’s play trucks.


The 250W Permanent Magnet Drive Axle ND12-1-21: A Class Apart

Our 250W in-line drive axle, model ND12-1-21, is a superior combination of a DC permanent magnet motor and a differential. The central feature is the high precision gear made from alloy steel hard tooth surface gear, which outperforms ordinary gears in every aspect. Expect quiet operation with noise levels as low as 54dB, a testament to the precision engineering of the gear grinding process.

Endurance and Efficiency, Hand in Hand

This drive axle promises long battery life, high efficiency and minimal electricity consumption – a triple boon for environmentally conscious users. With a motor efficiency of 72% to 76%, the ND12-1-21 delivers reliable performance while keeping power usage in check. Furthermore, the electromagnetic brake system ensures high security, with robust stopping and freezing capability.




Customization at its Best

Every application is unique, and our drive axles are adaptable to meet your specific needs. This axle is suitable for a multitude of vehicles, from electric trolleys and floor cleaners to mobile trucks and children’s play trucks. With its powerful and efficient design, the ND12-1-21 is ready to elevate your operations to the next level.

Unparalleled Service Life

Rotontek ND12-1-21 utilizes high-quality alloy steel for the gear, ensuring a long service life that’s five times longer than other electric transaxles. This robustness and longevity make it a reliable choice for a wide array of applications.




Comparison Table: Rotontek vs. Other Electric Transaxles

Rotontek ND12-1-21
Other Electric Transaxles
High-quality alloy steel
Copper, Iron or Other Alloys
Tooth surface hardness
> 350HBS
Bending strength
Duration of oil lubrication
Transmission load & service life
Large & Long (5 times longer)
Poor & Short


Safeguarding Your Operations

The ND12-1-21 boasts an IP65 rating, safeguarding the axle from dust and water. Coupled with the electromagnetic intelligent brake system, it enhances safety and operational stability. Unlike electronic brakes, our electromagnetic brakes ensure absolute firmness, even on slopes.

Powerful. Efficient. Silent.

The ND12-1-21 encapsulates these three virtues in its design. It can easily climb without pressure, reach farther distances, and operate silently at ≤54dB. Experience the difference with Rotontek Intelligent Technology – where power meets precision.

Technical Specifications and Parameters of the 250W Permanent Magnet Electric Transaxles ND12-1-21

The ND12-1-21 is a model of precision and power, packed with features designed to optimize its performance. Here is a detailed look at its technical parameters:

Model No.
Rated Voltage
DC 24V
Rated Power
Gear Ratio
1:21 & 1:33.2
Free Output RPM
219RPM & 138RPM
Max Output Torque
1.5 Nm
Motor Efficiency
72% & 76%
Motor Diameter
Brake Torque
Noise (db) (A)


ND12-1-33-2 size

Electric-Transaxles-ND12-1-21 Size drawing


Reinforcing Quality and Precision with Our Promise

At Rotontek Intelligent Technology, we understand the importance of trust and reliability. Our production process is standardized, ensuring consistency in every product. We also offer personalized solutions, a guarantee of product quality, customization support, and a finely tuned service system, all focused on meeting your specific needs and exceeding your expectations.




Applications of the 250W Permanent Magnet Electric Transaxles ND12-1-21

The ND12-1-21 model finds a range of applications in various electric vehicles, bringing its power and efficiency to different contexts. Here are some typical applications:

  1. Electric Trolleys: The ND12-1-21 provides the robust performance needed for carrying heavy loads, making it an ideal choice for electric trolleys.
  2. Floor Cleaners: With its quiet operation and efficient power usage, our drive axle is a perfect fit for floor cleaning machines.
  3. Mobile Trucks: The high torque and powerful motor make this axle suitable for mobile trucks.
  4. Children’s Play Trucks and Playground Equipment: Safety is paramount when it comes to children’s equipment. The ND12-1-21, with its secure electromagnetic brake system, ensures a safe and enjoyable experience.



Experience the unmatched combination of high efficiency, power, and quiet operation with the 250W Permanent Magnet Electric Transaxles ND12-1-21. Trust Rotontek Intelligent Technology for reliability, innovation, and superior product quality.

Step into the realm of revolutionary technology with Rotontek 250W Permanent Magnet Electric Transaxles ND12-1-21. This cutting-edge offering from our 250W series is an embodiment of refined engineering and technological advancement.

Rotontek Wide Range of Innovative Products

At Rotontek, we believe in providing solutions that cater to various needs. In addition to the ND12-1-21, we also offer a spectrum of other state-of-the-art products.

The 800W Permanent Magnet DC Brushless Transaxle Electric Transaxles LDM22-355: This powerhouse is designed for applications that demand higher power. With a rated power of 800W, it delivers a robust performance without sacrificing energy efficiency.

The 300-350W Transaxles with Brushless Motor LDM01-283: Ideal for lighter applications, this transaxle offers a blend of efficiency and power in a compact design. Its brushless motor ensures a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance needs.

The 750W Brush Electric Drive Wheel-Electric Forklift Drive Assembly: Tailored for forklifts, this product delivers high torque and dependable performance. The brush design offers superior power transfer, making it a reliable choice for heavy-duty applications.

Choose Rotontek for Advanced Technological Solutions

Rotontek stands at the forefront of providing technologically advanced solutions that cater to various needs. Our diverse range of products, from the 250W Permanent Magnet Electric Transaxles ND12-1-21 to the 800W and 300-350W transaxles, are designed with precision to provide robust performance, superior quality, and lasting service life. We believe in driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of electric transaxles. Choose Rotontek, where power meets precision, and innovation meets quality.

Additional information

Model No.


Rated voltage

DC 24V
DC 24V

Rated power


Gear Ratio

1: 21
1: 33.2

Free output RPM


Max output torque

1.5 Nm

Motor Efficiency


Motor Diameter


Brake torque





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