Control handle A

The Control Handle A is an advanced wheelchair control system featuring sine wave vector control for enhanced comfort and safety. It boasts a 3D control handle for flexible operation, includes soft start/stop functions, and provides comprehensive protection against electrical issues. Designed for user-friendly customization, it ensures a smooth, responsive wheelchair experience.


Introducing the innovative Control Handle A, a state-of-the-art solution for wheelchair control. This product revolutionizes the way users interact with their wheelchairs, offering enhanced comfort, safety, and flexibility. It integrates advanced sine wave vector control algorithms, ensuring a smooth and responsive experience.

Performance and Advantages

  • Enhanced Comfort and Safety: Utilizes sine wave vector control algorithms, significantly improving the overall comfort and safety of the wheelchair.
  • Flexible Operation: Features a 3D control handle, allowing for more precise and convenient wheelchair control.
  • Soft Start and Stop: Incorporates soft starting, soft parking, and power-off braking functions, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience in any situation.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Equipped with under-voltage, over-voltage, over-current, and overheating protection, safeguarding both the user and the device.
  • Automatic Phase Sequence Detection: Comes with a Hall phase sequence automatic identification function, making debugging effortless.
  • Dual Motor Drive: Boasts a dual motor drive configuration with an electronic differential function for more flexible steering.
  • Programmable Parameters: Offers open parameter programming for customized control settings.

Control handle A advantage


Specification Detail
Control Technology Sine wave vector control algorithms
Handle Type 3D control handle
Safety Features Soft start/stop, power-off braking
Protection Functions Under/over-voltage, over-current, overheating
Debugging Hall phase sequence automatic identification
Motor Configuration Dual motors with electronic differential
Customization Open parameter programmability
Control Handle Options Model A or Model B

Control handle A drawing

Specific Applications

This Control Handle A excels in a variety of settings, particularly enhancing the mobility of wheelchair users. Its flexible steering and robust safety features make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The product fits seamlessly into the daily lives of individuals seeking more independence and ease in their mobility solutions.

Control handle A Specific Applications

The brand behind this revolutionary product, Rotontek, ensures that every aspect of the Control Handle A meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. This commitment extends to offering a range of customizable options, including the choice between Model A and Model B handles, catering to the unique needs of every user.

The Control Handle A stands as a testament to Rotontek’s dedication to advancing mobility technology. It offers an unparalleled combination of comfort, safety, and control, making it an essential tool for anyone seeking to enhance their wheelchair experience.


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