Electric Transaxles

Electric Transaxles

Low Noise Motor Transmission Solution-Battery Powered Axles with power from 0.15 to 20kW.
The most complete scalable drivetrain system for electric vehicles. The compact gearboxes are designed including differential (optional locking), rigid axle, brake system and electric motor in all-in-one solution for a quick vehicles installation.

Products & Application

Offering a robust range of 180W to 500W electric transaxles across four unique products. Features high torque, enduring durability, and multiple safety measures suitable for diverse industry needs. Committed to providing reliable power solutions for your projects, crafting superior drive experiences.

Ranging from 600W to 800W. The series includes ND22-2-21, LD03D, LD02B, and LDM(X)2 models, each integrating a DC permanent magnet motor and differential, ensuring low noise, high torque, and longevity. Customizable and efficient, they are perfect for a wide array of applications like electric trolleys, scrubbers, scooters, and more.

Selection of 1000W-11KW Electric Transaxles, including the LD(X)4, LD04B, LDM04B, and LD26 series, delivers power, precision, and efficiency. Integrating a DC permanent magnet motor and a differential, these transaxles offer superior torque, low-speed performance, and robust durability. Ideal for a wide range of applications from cleaning vehicles to amusement equipment.

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