ID500 series DC brushless wheelchair controller

Discover superior mobility with the ID500 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller. Embodying the pinnacle of intuitive operation, the ID500 utilizes advanced flight control principles for exceptional flexibility and convenience. Enhanced safety and comfort are achieved through our state-of-the-art motor control algorithms and smart brakes. Adaptive speed controls provide a steady, reliable drive across all terrains and obstacles, with fail-safe power-off protection ensuring secure deceleration. With straightforward parameters and flexible motor configuration, this controller offers an optimal user-friendly experience.


Discover the future of wheelchair mobility with the ID500 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller by Zhongshan Rotontek Intelligent Technology. Our cutting-edge controller offers you unparalleled control, convenience, and safety for a wide range of automation applications. This factory-direct product showcases Rotontek’s dedication to standardized production processes, guaranteeing unparalleled product quality and offering personalized solutions through its refined service system.


The ID500 Advantage

What sets the ID500 Motor Drive Controller apart? Six standout features give you compelling reasons to make it your choice:

  • AI Smart Speed Control: Revolutionary AI technology allows for seamless speed adjustments, adapting to the terrain and user needs.
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation: Stay cool and functional with a built-in mechanism for optimal heat management.
  • Comfort and Safety: Enjoy the peace of mind with advanced safety features and a comfortable, intuitive control system.
  • Smooth Speed Brake: Experience silky smooth braking transitions, reducing jerks and discomfort.
  • Waterproof: With an IP66 waterproof rating, the controller is ready for both indoor and outdoor usage, rain or shine.
  • Steady Climbing, No Slippage: Tackle inclines confidently with the assured grip and steady pace provided by advanced motor control algorithms.


Flexible, Safe, and Convenient Operation

The ID500 Wheelchair Controller utilizes flight control principles, offering you more flexible and convenient operation. Its advanced motor control algorithms and vehicle control mechanisms enhance user comfort and safety. Soft start, soft stop, and smart brakes ensure a safer, more comfortable drive in any situation. The motor load automatic compensation function maintains a stable speed when crossing obstacles or climbing, providing steady, reliable mobility.

Our controller also features power-off protection, various perfect protection mechanisms, convenient fault diagnosis, simple open parameters, and Hall phase sequence automatic identification for ease of OEM debugging. With the flexibility to configure the left and right motors as motor 1 and motor 2, customers can effortlessly debug and install this advanced mobility solution.

Impressive Product Parameters

Here are the key product parameters for the ID500 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller:

Supply Voltage
DC 24V
Operation Voltage
DC 18V-30V
Output Current
PWM Frequencies
Control Mode
Hall Rocker 360° Control
Brake Voltage
Brake Current
Charging Current
Brake Method
Kinetic & Electromagnetic
Display Mode
LED Display
Waterproof Level
Operation Temperature
Storage Temperature


Product-size-drawingProduct size drawing

360-degree-smart-joystick-instructions-for-use360 degree smart joystick instructions for use


In addition, the ID500 controller incorporates robust protection features, including short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature, drive overload, output phase loss, motor thermal, and motor overload protection.

Diverse Application Areas

The ID500 Wheelchair Controller is a versatile powerhouse, providing green energy solutions for:

  • Rehabilitation and nursing via electric wheelchairs and intelligent stair-climbing cars
  • Cargo transportation with electric pallet trucks, trollies, and forklifts
  • Cleaning services with electric sweepers and scrubbers
  • Agricultural machinery such as lawn mowers and spray trucks
  • Personal travel with electric vehicles and tricycles


Exquisite Details, Outstanding Performance

Compact, beautiful, and packed with advanced technology, the ID500 controller boasts an international advanced MOSFET tube, CNC Bus communication, and a 360-degree Intelligent joystick for ultimate control. Its IP66 waterproof level ensures fearless use, both indoors and outdoors.

The ID500 is powered by TI mainstream DSP chips and advanced motor control algorithm platforms, and it features an Electromagnetic Intelligent Brake System for rapid and firm braking, even in power-off situations. Unlike electronic brakes, this electromagnetic brake guarantees absolute firmness and prevents skidding on slopes, offering superior safety to users.


Broadening Horizons with the ID510 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller

Immerse yourself in the next level of mobility with Rotontek’s ID510 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller. Building on the groundbreaking features of the ID500, the ID510 offers advanced customizability and performance. Revolutionary AI speed control and efficient heat management remain central to the ID510’s design, ensuring a comfortable, stable, and personalized mobility experience. With the ID510, navigating challenging terrains becomes effortless, and with an enhanced waterproof design, you can confidently venture into a wide range of environments.

Discover Unparalleled Control with the ID200 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller

Experience the best of mobility technology with the ID200 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller. This controller is a testament to Rotontek’s commitment to innovation, showcasing a sleek design, advanced safety features, and a powerful motor control algorithm. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, the ID200 promises a smooth ride with its AI smart speed control and stable climbing abilities. Combined with a robust protection system, the ID200 ensures your journey is as safe as it is comfortable.

Superior Drive with 500-800W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle Electric Transaxles LD02B-355

Redefine your mobility experience with the 500-800W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle Electric Transaxles LD02B-355. This top-tier product from Rotontek delivers an incredible torque output, ensuring your wheelchair has the power to tackle a variety of terrains. Coupled with Rotontek’s cutting-edge control technology, you’re guaranteed an intuitive, responsive, and smooth ride. The LD02B-355 is your solution for a reliable, efficient, and high-performing mobility device.

The Rotontek Promise

With a rich history of technological innovation, Rotontek continues to pioneer the future of wheelchair mobility. Our range of DC Brushless Wheelchair Controllers are not just products but commitments to quality, refined performance, and user-centric design. We strive to ensure your journey, whether through the corridors of a hospital or the rugged outdoors, is as comfortable, safe, and effortless as possible. Experience the superior difference with Rotontek’s Wheelchair Controllers – your journey towards enhanced mobility starts with us.

Additional information

Supply voltage

DC 24V

Operation voltage

DC 18V-30V

Output current


PWM frequencies


Control mode

Hall rocker 360 degree all-round control

Brake voltage


Brake current


Charging current


Brake method

Kinetic energy consumption braking and electromagnetic braking

Display Mode

LED display


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