LTD03 Permanent Magnet Brushless Motors Wheel drives

The Rotontek LTD03 Permanent Magnet Brushless Motors Wheel Drive is an epitome of advanced engineering. It differentiates itself from ordinary motors with its unique manual electric dual-use switch for enhanced user convenience. Its low-noise operation ensures a tranquil user experience. The device follows standard parameters and is designed for strength, especially demonstrating robust uphill capabilities. It is the perfect choice for those seeking an efficient and noise-free mobility solution.



Introducing the Rotontek LTD03 Permanent Magnet Brushless Motors Wheel Drives – an exceptional motor solution offering cutting-edge technology and robust performance. Our LTD03 model is the epitome of low noise, safe, and efficient mobility. Let’s delve into its unique features:

Technical Specifications

Model No
Rated power
150W – 250W
Gear Ratio
Rated Voltage
Free Output RPM
Insulation Level






Our LTD03 motor is meticulously designed to ensure strong power and climbing stability. With its superior electromagnetic brake system, it guarantees safe parking even on slopes. It has a dual manual and electric switch system, and it is renowned for its low noise operations. The standard parameters and strong uphill capabilities ensure unparalleled performance in various terrains.


Multiple Applications

  1. Rehabilitation and Nursing: Electric wheelchairs, Intelligent stair climbing cars
  2. Cargo Handling: Electric pallet trucks, Electric trolleys, Electric forklifts
  3. Electric Cleaning Vehicles: Electric sweepers, Electric scrubbers
  4. Agricultural Machines: Lawn mowers, Spray trucks
  5. Home Travel: Electric vehicles, Tricycles


Rotontek LTD03 vs. Ordinary Motors

Roton LTD02
Other Products
Motor Type
Permanent Magnet Brushless
Ordinary Motor
Brake Type
No Electromagnetic Brake
Stable Parking
✔ (on slope)
❌ (unstable on slope)
Two-Use Switch
✔ (manual electric)
❌ (no)
Noise Level
✔ (low noise)
❌ (high noise)
Parameter Accuracy
✔ (standard)
❌ (false standard)
Uphill Performance
✔ (strong uphill)
❌ (lack of power)


With Rotontek’s LTD03, enjoy the luxury of efficient, silent motors with less than 55dB noise level, and a powerful system that climbs without pressure. Choose the LTD03 for unmatched efficiency and performance in your automation applications.

Unparalleled Precision and Power

Rotontek’s LTD03 brushless motor is a work of precision and craftsmanship. Every part is carefully designed for optimal performance. The motor features a precision ground aluminum alloy body, two-way sealed end caps, fine-ground steel nail fixation, and precision gear, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability. This meticulous design offers unmatched power, enabling you to climb without pressure, and an efficient system that makes your vehicle travel farther.


Superior Noise Control

One of the main attractions of the LTD03 is its low noise operation. The silent motor operates at a level of less than 55dB, ensuring a quiet and comfortable drive. This feature is especially beneficial in maintaining a calm environment in rehabilitation nursing facilities, residential areas, and other settings where noise reduction is important.

Guaranteed Safety

At Rotontek, we believe that safety is paramount. The LTD03 motor features a unique electromagnetic brake system. Unlike the common electronic brakes, our electromagnetic brake is equipped with a solenoid valve and offers firm stopping power, even on slopes. This ensures safety and stability in a variety of situations, from day-to-day mobility to heavy-duty applications.

In conclusion, the Rotontek LTD03 Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor sets the bar high in the world of wheel drives. Offering exceptional power, unparalleled safety features, and superior noise control, this motor is an optimal choice for various applications. Choose Rotontek, where quality and performance go hand in hand.


Expanding Horizons with Rotontek

Rotontek’s offering expands beyond the LTD03 motor. We have a versatile portfolio of products that cater to diverse needs and applications. Among these offerings, we have powerful models like the LD02B-355 Electric Transaxles and LTD02 Electric Wheel Drives.

Unleashing Power with LD02B-355

The LD02B-355 stands as a testament to Rotontek’s mastery in brushless motor technology. Operating between 500-800W, this permanent magnet brush transaxle delivers a strong performance and remarkable efficiency, ideal for heavier loads and more demanding environments.

Elevating Performance with LTD02

On the other hand, our LTD02 Motor is renowned for its exceptional power in electric wheel drives. With advanced features similar to LTD03, the LTD02 takes electric mobility to a new level, ensuring that users enjoy a seamless, safe, and comfortable journey.

Remarkable Efficiency with Electric Forklift Drive Assembly

In addition, we bring efficiency to the forefront with the 750W Brush Electric Drive Wheel. Specifically designed for electric forklifts, this drive assembly optimizes power usage, ensuring that your forklift operates smoothly and efficiently.

At Rotontek, we understand that every application has unique needs. We ensure to provide personalized solutions and offer customizable options to meet your specific requirements. Our standardized production process and guaranteed product quality are testaments to our commitment to excellence. Choose Rotontek, a brand where innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction are the pillars of operation.


Experience the best in brushless motor technology with Rotontek. Dive into our world of exceptional products, each engineered to provide top-quality performance, reliability, and satisfaction.

Additional information

Model No


Rated voltage


Rated power


Free output rpm


Gear Ratio


lnsulation level



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