ID510 series DC brushless wheelchair controller

The ID510 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller by Rotontek offers an elevated user experience, blending advanced flight control for flexible operation with innovative motor control algorithms for enhanced comfort and safety. Its hallmark features include soft start, smart brakes, and motor load auto-compensation, ensuring steady navigation across obstacles and inclines. Furthermore, it comes equipped with comprehensive protection mechanisms and power-off safety functions, making it a reliable choice for smooth wheelchair operation. A simplified interface for easy debugging and installation makes the ID510 an ideal choice for both end-users and OEMs.


Embrace the future of mobility with the ID510 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller by Rotontek. Experience comfort, safety, and a newfound ease in operation, reinforced with intelligent braking and remarkable climbing stability.

Rotontek’s Pioneering Advantages

At the heart of Zhongshan Rotontek Intelligent Technology lies our quintessential advantages:

  • Standardized Production Process: Consistency in quality.
  • Guaranteed Product Quality: We stand by our product’s reliability.
  • Personalized Solutions: Catering to unique user requirements.
  • Refinement Service System: Ensuring exceptional customer service.


Key Features of the ID510 Series

The ID510 Series is laden with a myriad of benefits that compel one to choose this revolutionary product:

  1. AI Smart Speed Control: Intelligent navigation made simple.
  2. Efficient Heat Dissipation: Prolongs product lifespan.
  3. Smooth Speed Brake: Ensures safety during abrupt stops.
  4. Waterproof: Ready for all weather conditions, with an IP66 rating.
  5. Steady Climbing No Slippage: Optimized for challenging terrains.


In-Depth Look at ID510

Built around flight control technology, the ID510 offers flexible and convenient operation, all at your fingertips. The advanced motor and vehicle control algorithms are designed to enhance comfort and safety, providing users with a smooth and worry-free ride.

The ID510 Series also guarantees a stable speed when crossing obstacles or climbing mountains, thanks to the motor load automatic compensation function. This, along with the soft start, soft stop, and smart brakes, ensures a safer and more comfortable drive in any situation.

Rotontek understands the value of safety and reliability, equipping the ID510 with various protective mechanisms, including a power-off protection function. This feature ensures the wheelchair can be controlled and decelerated even during power cuts, enhancing the overall safety of the product.

In case of any malfunctions, the ID510 provides a fault diagnosis, making it convenient for customer debugging. Moreover, the controller comes with easy-to-understand open parameters, enabling users to debug themselves.

Equipped with a Hall phase sequence automatic identification function, the ID510 is a breeze to set up, even for OEM debugging. Additionally, the left and right motors can be flexibly configured with motor 1 and motor 2, making installation and debugging even more convenient.

Supply Voltage
DC 24V
Operation Voltage
DC 18V-30V
Output Current
PWM Frequencies
Control Mode
Hall Rocker 360° Control
Brake Voltage
Brake Current
Charging Current
Brake Method
Kinetic & Electromagnetic
Display Mode
LED Display
Waterproof Level
Operation Temperature
Storage Temperature


Product-size-drawing-1Product size drawing

360 degree smart joystick instructions for use-1360 degree smart joystick instructions for use 


Multi-Purpose Application

The ID510 Series caters to a wide range of applications from rehabilitation nursing and cargo handling to home travel. It provides a robust solution for green environmental protection across different domains, making it a versatile and value-driven choice.


Aesthetic Brilliance Meets Functionality

The compact and beautiful design of the ID510 Series is complemented by its potent hardware. The controller uses an international advanced MOSFET tube and TI mainstream DSP chips, ensuring optimal performance. Furthermore, the 360-degree intelligent joystick and CNC bus communication make the ID510 Series a future-proof choice in mobility.

Stay worry-free with the ID510’s Electromagnetic Intelligent Brake System. This feature allows for rapid deceleration or a complete stop when the controller is released and provides additional braking in case of a power failure. Experience ultimate safety and control with Rotontek’s ID510 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller.


The ID200 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller

Discover a whole new world of independence with the ID200 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller by Rotontek. Fusing technology with functionality, this controller offers unparalleled control and exceptional durability, enabling you to navigate your world with ease.

The ID200 Series packs a punch with its advanced motor control algorithms that work seamlessly to provide a smooth and stable ride across various terrains. In addition, its unique soft start and stop feature ensures a jerk-free riding experience, optimizing user comfort.

Every ID200 controller comes with a power-off protection function, ensuring your safety is always at the forefront. The controller can be smoothly decelerated and controlled even in case of power cuts, minimizing any potential risks.

The ID500 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller

Next up, we have the ID500 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller, another groundbreaking offering from Rotontek. The ID500 Series embodies reliability and safety, assuring you of a wheelchair ride that is as effortless as it is comfortable.


AI Smart Speed Control is a notable feature of the ID500 Series, allowing for intelligent navigation that is uncomplicated and intuitive. The controller also boasts a waterproof design, ensuring an uninterrupted user experience across different weather conditions.

The ID500 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller is not just about robust performance; it also prioritizes your comfort. It is equipped with a Smooth Speed Brake feature that ensures safety during abrupt stops, all while ensuring a comfortable transition.

The Brushless Motor Joystick Controller

Finally, the Brushless Motor Joystick Controller stands as a testament to Rotontek’s innovative spirit. This device brings together the best of technology to give you unmatched control over your electric wheelchair.

The Joystick Controller features 360-degree control that promises a seamless navigation experience. Its ergonomic design ensures that it fits comfortably in your hand, allowing for easy and natural movement.

One of the unique selling points of this controller is its Hall phase sequence automatic identification function, which simplifies OEM debugging. Additionally, the left and right motors can be flexibly configured, facilitating hassle-free installation and debugging.

Rotontek is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in mobility technology. With our ID200, ID500, and Brushless Motor Joystick Controllers, we are transforming lives, one ride at a time. Embrace a world of independence and comfort with Rotontek.

Additional information

Supply voltage

DC 24V

Operation voltage

DC 18V-30V

Output current


PWM frequencies


Control mode

Hall rocker 360 degree all-round control

Brake voltage


Brake current


Charging current


Brake method

Kinetic energy consumption braking and electromagnetic braking

Display Mode

LED display


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