MPP miniature plunger pump

The MPP cartridge piston pump by Rotontek redefines compact power performance, offering efficiency and reliability in a cost-effective package. Excelling with hydraulic and brake fluids and ultra-low viscosity substances, this pump maintains a 90% volumetric rate under demanding conditions. Notably, its instant pressure release and fluid return features ensure safety and convenience. This micro pump, with its small size and versatility, delivers unmatched power and speed, making it a competitive choice in the market.



The Rotontek MPP Miniature Plunger Pump – a compact powerhouse for all your automation applications. With the added benefit of being a factory-direct product, this pump is a standout choice for a wide range of applications. This pump doesn’t merely deliver on promises, it surpasses them, combining many advantages into one smart, cost-effective solution.

High Performance, Economical Price At the heart of our MPP series is the cartridge piston pump – an efficient, fixed displacement pump that provides high performance at an unbeatable price. Capable of handling a variety of fluids including hydraulic fluids, brake fluids, and ultra-low viscosity fluids, this pump operates with zero internal leakage.


Unmatched Efficiency, Compact Design Tested at 38°C and 207 ar (3000 psi) with a viscosity of 15.1 CST, this pump showcases a 90% volumetric rate. More than that, it ensures the hydraulic fluid instantly flows back to the tank when the motor is off, allowing the pressure to instantly return to zero. The MPP combines compact size, versatility, power, speed, and efficiency in one cost-effective package.

Wide Applications The MPP series Miniature Piston Pumps are widely used in various applications that require compact power. These applications range from automotive brakes to trailer brakes, buoys, inkjets, shipping, and even medical applications.


Product Specifications The MPP product line includes models with displacements ranging from 0.16 CC/REV to 0.32 CC/REV, with a rated pressure of 20.7Mpa and a maximum speed of 4500rpm.

Quality Materials, Zero Leakage Constructed from durable materials such as aluminum, powder metallurgy, alloy steel, and alloy copper, the MPP plunger pump meets standards for corrosion and high temperature resistance. Its check valve maintains long-term pressure with zero leakage, making this pump a reliable choice for any operation.

At Rotontek, we offer personalized solutions and pride ourselves on our refined service system. After a customer selects a model, we provide the corresponding technical data for further confirmation, ensuring all needs are met. Discover the advantages of the Rotontek MPP Miniature Plunger Pump – compact, high-energy, and efficient.

Rated pressure: 20.7Mpa
Rated speed: 3500rpm
Max speed: 4500rpm





At Rotontek, we’re more than just industry-leading miniature plunger pumps. Our range of products includes advanced solutions for a variety of applications.

Introducing the CWHP Continuous Working System Brushless DC Hydraulic System. This state-of-the-art system is designed to deliver robust, continuous performance, making it the ideal choice for rigorous, non-stop operations. The integration of a brushless DC motor ensures enhanced efficiency and extended longevity, marking an evolution in hydraulic system design.

Our 109 A/C Series Compact Hydraulic Power Unit stands as a testament to our commitment to compact, efficient design without compromising on power. With an emphasis on high performance within a small footprint, this unit is perfectly suited for applications where space is at a premium but power can’t be compromised.

Not to be outdone, the 119 Hydraulic Power Unit brings together power, reliability, and versatility in one. Designed for a range of applications, this unit represents the essence of Rotontek’s ethos: delivering top-quality, efficient, and reliable hydraulic power solutions.

Our innovative product range is a reflection of the Rotontek brand commitment: delivering reliable, high-quality solutions that drive efficiency and productivity. By continually pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation, we aim to remain at the forefront of hydraulic and pump technology.

At Rotontek, we don’t just offer products. We provide solutions that empower businesses to achieve more. And, it’s all backed by our standardized production process, guaranteed product quality, personalized solutions, and a refined service system that puts customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do.


Choose Rotontek. Because when it comes to reliable hydraulic solutions, we’re the partner you can trust.

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Rated pressure: 20.7Mpa
Rated speed: 3500rpm
Max speed: 4500rpm


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