LTD02 Permanent Magnet Brushless Motors Electric Wheel Drives

The Rotontek’s LTD02 Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor outshines ordinary motors with its unique features. Designed with an electromagnetic brake, it ensures safe parking even on slopes. This motor stands out with its dual manual and electric switch, low noise operations, and standardized parameters. Plus, it boasts strong uphill capabilities, ensuring reliable performance in varying terrains. Choose the LTD02 for a superior mobility experience.



Rotontek’s LTD02 Permanent Magnet Brushless Motors are a revelation in electric wheel drive technology. Manufactured under standardized production processes, these motors guarantee unparalleled product quality. They provide efficient, low-noise operation, substantial power, and climbing stability. Each motor is maintenance-free, highlighting Rotontek’s commitment to providing personalized solutions and refined service systems.


A Revolution in Brushless Motors

Among the LTD02’s remarkable features are the electromagnetic brake and the manual-electric dual-use switch. These functionalities ensure the motor’s robustness and flexibility for a diverse range of applications. In addition, the product’s energy-efficient design contributes to energy and cost savings.

  • Low Noise:Ensures quiet operation for a smoother ride.
  • Strong Power:Delivers sufficient energy to tackle even the toughest terrains.
  • Electromagnetic Brake:Provides reliable stopping power on slopes.
  • Manual-electric two-use switch:Adds versatility and convenience for users.
  • Maintenance-free:No regular upkeep needed, saving you time and resources.



Technical Specifications of the LTD02

Model No.
Rated Power
Rated Rotational Speed
100 RPM
Gear Ratio
Rated Voltage
Free Output RPM
120 RPM
Electromagnetic Brake
DC24V 3N.m
Insulation Level




Versatile Applications

The LTD02 motors are suited to a wide variety of applications, providing new energy solutions for green environmental protection. These motors are ideal for rehabilitation nursing equipment like electric wheelchairs and stair-climbing cars. They’re also great for cargo electric pallet trucks, electric trolleys, and forklifts. Additionally, they have applications in electric cleaning vehicles, agricultural machines, and home travel vehicles.


Quality You Can Trust

With the LTD02, you can expect precision manufacturing, quiet operation, powerful performance, and high efficiency. Unlike ordinary motors, the LTD02 offers electromagnetic brakes for assured parking on slopes and a quieter ride. Choose Rotontek’s LTD02 for a reliable, durable, and efficient brushless motor solution.

At the heart of Rotontek’s commitment to excellence and innovation lies an impressive lineup of brushless motor electric wheel drives. From the power-packed 500-800W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle Electric Transaxles LD02B-355 to the superior LTD03 Permanent Magnet Brushless Motors Wheel Drives, Rotontek brings advanced technology to your doorstep.


Embrace Power with the 500-800W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle Electric Transaxles LD02B-355

Rotontek’s LD02B-355 Transaxle is a highly efficient solution that transforms the power of 500-800W into reliable and robust operations. Optimized for use in electric wheelchairs and other mobility solutions, this permanent magnet brush transaxle delivers unparalleled performance with improved efficiency, durability, and power.

Unleash Unmatched Efficiency with LTD03 Permanent Magnet Brushless Motors Wheel Drives

The LTD03 Wheel Drive, an outstanding addition to Rotontek’s catalog, is a hallmark of innovation and reliability. This permanent magnet brushless motor ensures superior torque, better power efficiency, and reduced noise levels. The LTD03 is ideal for powering high-performance electric wheelchairs, offering smooth and responsive control.

Experience Advanced Technology with the 850W DL210 Brushless Electric Drive Wheel

The DL210 Brushless Electric Drive Wheel, an 850W powerhouse, serves as a testament to Rotontek’s prowess in delivering advanced technology. Designed specifically for electric forklifts, the DL210 provides high torque and power, ensuring enhanced efficiency and work performance.

With its range of products, Rotontek ensures reliability and performance without compromising on efficiency. Each product under the Rotontek banner carries the brand’s legacy of quality and customer satisfaction, aiming to revolutionize the experience of using brushless motors and electric wheel drives. Opt for Rotontek to embrace a future powered by innovative technology and uncompromising quality.

Additional information

Model No.


Rated voltage


Rated power


Free output rpm


Rated rotational speed


Electromagnetic brake

DC24V 3N.m

Gear Ratio


lnsulation level



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