119 Hydraulic power unit

The 119 series hydraulic power unit boasts enhanced power and displacement compared to the 109 series, with four standard pump sizes offering power between 0.8-1.2KW and flow rates of 0.5, 0.63, 0.88, and 1.0 cc/rev. Designed for intermittent work systems, these units accommodate single or bi-directional rotation and various hydraulic circuits. Locking check valves are available for all models, and performance depends on fluid type. A unique feature allows for manual operation using power tools (torque > 0.9nm, speed > 1500rpm) when electricity is unavailable. Ideal for mini forklifts, lifting platforms, RVs, and mobile police booths.


At Zhongshan Rotontek Intelligent Technology, we have developed a diverse range of hydraulic power units, designed to cater to various industries and applications. Our 119 series hydraulic power unit boasts numerous advantages, offering you a multitude of reasons to choose our products for your hydraulic needs.

Five Key Advantages of Rotontek:

  1. Standardized production process
  2. Ensuring product quality
  3. Personalized solutions
  4. Customization support
  5. Refined service system

119 Hydraulic power unit advantages

119 Series Hydraulic Power Unit: Featuring a comfortable, low-noise operation, this power unit offers high power and zero leakage, with options for single or dual-direction rotation systems. It also provides manual operation during power outages, and boasts a lightweight design. The 119 series inherits the characteristics of the 109 series, with increased power and displacement.

Wide Range of Applications: Our 119 series hydraulic power units are suitable for a variety of applications, such as electric forklifts, electric stackers, scissor lift carts, recreational vehicles, mobile police booths, and more.


hydraulic power unit application


Compact Hydraulic Power Units – 119 A/B/C Series: These power units come in different motor powers, gear pump displacements, oil route choices, and oil tank capacities. Please see the table below for more details:

Specification Options
Machine Type 119A, 119B, 119C
Motor 1208:800W,12V DC
1212:1200W,12V DC
2408:800W,24V DC
2412:1200W,24V DC
Gear Pump Displacement 50:0.5 cc/rev
63:0.63 cc/rev
88:0.88 cc/rev
100:1.0 cc/rev
Oil Route AA Single acting oil route
BB Single acting oil route
CC Double acting oil route
DD Double acting oil route
Oil Tank Capacity 01:0.8L (ONLY119A)
Oil Port Scale 01:7/16-20 (SAE -4)
Standard Pressure 20:20Mpo(2950PSI)(UN/DN)
Mounting Direction HA: Horizontal installation
VC: Vertical installation

119A Size drawing

119A Size drawing


119B Size drawing

119B Size drawing


119C Size drawing

119C Size drawing


Oil route drawing-1

Oil route drawing-2

Oil route drawing-3

Oil route drawing


Precision Manufacturing: The motor of the 119 hydraulic power unit is independently developed and widely applied, featuring excellent sealing, high efficiency, and powerful performance.

Compact Structure: This power unit’s design is compact, with a double-acting oil route and flexible mounting options.

Zero Leakage Check Valve: The check valve design ensures long-lasting pressure maintenance without leakage.

High-Quality Gear Pump: With automotive transmission gear steel and precision processing, our gear pump guarantees dimensional accuracy and consistency, leading to a high mechanical and volumetric efficiency, as well as low noise and lightweight characteristics.

Intermittent Work System: Designed for 30 minutes of operation followed by a 3-minute rest, this power unit can withstand high temperatures without power loss.

Manual Operation During Power Outage: By opening the rubber cover and using an electric tool to rotate the motor shaft, the system can function normally without a power source.

Lightweight Plastic Oil Tank: Our plastic oil tank is lightweight and well-sealed.

Valve Block Options: Clients can choose between a solenoid valve or a directional valve, with the option to include a start switch according to their needs.


hydraulic power unit function


Note: After selecting the model, we will provide the corresponding product technical data (including appearance, technical parameters, and performance) for customer confirmation. The appearance may differ from the selected model and schematic data.

In conclusion, Rotontek’s 119 series hydraulic power unit stands out due to its outstanding features, reliable performance, and versatile applications. By choosing our product, you can trust that you are getting a top-quality solution tailored to your unique requirements. Our commitment to excellence and personalized customer service ensures that our hydraulic power units will meet and exceed your expectations.

Experience the difference of Rotontek’s 119 series hydraulic power units and elevate your project to new heights. To learn more about our products and services, or to discuss your specific needs with our expert team, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping you find the perfect hydraulic power unit for your application.

In the world of hydraulic power units, Rotontek stands out with its versatile and innovative product line. Among these, the 119 series hydraulic power unit is a popular choice, but Rotontek also offers other powerful and efficient options, including the 170B series Hydraulic power unit, 109 B series Compact hydraulic power unit, and 109 A/C series Compact hydraulic power unit. Each series offers unique advantages to suit specific applications and requirements.




The 170B series Hydraulic power unit is designed for heavy-duty applications, providing a higher power output and greater efficiency. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance in demanding environments. This unit is particularly suited for industrial machinery, construction equipment, and agricultural machinery where high power and reliability are essential.

On the other hand, the 109 B series Compact hydraulic power unit is perfect for smaller applications requiring a compact, lightweight solution without compromising on performance. Its small footprint makes it ideal for tight spaces, and its efficient design ensures consistent power output. Industries such as materials handling, automation, and robotics will find the 109 B series to be an excellent fit.

Similarly, the 109 A/C series Compact hydraulic power unit offers a powerful yet compact solution for various applications. With an even smaller footprint and versatile configuration options, the 109 A/C series is perfect for industries requiring high performance in limited spaces. Automotive lifts, mobile platforms, and scissor lifts are just a few examples where the 109 A/C series shines.

Rotontek’s commitment to innovation and quality means that all of our hydraulic power units, including the 119 series, are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards. Each unit undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it performs optimally in the field. By choosing Rotontek, you can be confident that you are investing in a reliable, efficient, and versatile hydraulic power unit that meets your specific needs.

In addition to our standard product offerings, Rotontek also provides customized solutions to cater to unique customer requirements. Our team of engineers and technicians are always ready to work with you to develop a tailored hydraulic power unit that exceeds your expectations in terms of performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Rotontek’s dedication to exceptional customer service means we are always available to answer any questions you may have about our products and help you find the best solution for your application. Whether you require the powerful 119 series hydraulic power unit, the heavy-duty 170B series, or one of our compact 109 series units, Rotontek has the perfect hydraulic power solution for your needs.


Additional information

Machine type



1208:800W,12V DC
1212:1200W,12V DC
2408:800W,24V DC
2412:1200W,24V DC

Gear pump displacement

50:0.5 cc/rev
63:0.63 cc/rev
88:0.88 cc/rev
100:1.0 cc/rev

Oil route option

AA Single acting oil route
BB Single acting oil route
CC Double acting oil route
DD Double acting oil route

Oil tank capacity


Oil port size

01:7/16-20 (SAE -4)
02:G1/8 in Pipe(BSPP)

Standard pressure


Installation direction

HA:Horizontal installation
VC:Vertical installation


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