CBE Gear Pumps

exemplifies precision engineering with two aluminum bearing blocks, automatic axis clearance compensation, and meticulously crafted housing and covers. The size of its parts, processed with an automatic hobbing machine and grinder, is ensured for accuracy and consistency through online detection. Boasting high mechanical and volumetric efficiency, low noise, and low power-to-weight ratio, this pump is the ideal choice for small to medium hydraulic power units and EHA systems.



The renowned Zhongshan Rotontek Intelligent Technology brings to you the extraordinary CBE Gear Pump Series. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we leverage a standardized production process to guarantee product quality and deliver a personalized solution that supports customization, as part of our refinement service system.


Why Choose CBE Gear Pump Series?

The CBE Gear Pump Series consolidates multiple benefits into one outstanding package. If you’re in search of a gear pump that combines comfortable, low-noise operation with high efficiency and high precision automatic compensation, then look no further!


The CBE gear pump is a high-pressure, small displacement gear pump constructed from two aluminum bearing blocks, a housing, front and rear covers. Its axis clearance is automatically compensated by the bearing blocks, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Our gears are processed using automatic hobbing machines and fully-automatic grinders, while the size is detected online, which guarantees the accuracy and consistency of our parts. This results in a pump that features high mechanical efficiency and volumetric efficiency, low noise, and low weight power ratio.

The CBE Gear Pump Series offers a diverse range of 10 standard models, catering to a displacement range of 0.25-1.5cc/rev.

Quality Details in Design

Constructed from high-grade aluminum alloy, the body of our pump ensures lightweight and durable operations, standing resistant to corrosion. The robustness of our gear pumps is further reinforced through steel nail fixing, promoting stability and longevity under various conditions. To provide optimal fluid control, our pumps are equipped with bidirectional seal end caps, guaranteeing minimal leakage and efficient regulation of the hydraulic fluid. Completing our design is the precision gear, a testament to our commitment to superior performance and reliability.


Versatile Applications

The CBE series gear pumps are perfect for general small and medium hydraulic power units and EHA systems, including:

  • Medium Hydraulic Units
  • Small Hydraulic Units
  • EHA Systems


Technical Specifications

The CBE Gear Pumps come with the following standard specifications:

CBE Gear Pumps


  • CBE


  • Rated pressure:20Mpa(2900PSI)
    Rated speed:2800rpm
    Max speed:4000rpm


    • (CC/REV)
      0.25 0.32
      0.38 0.50
      0.63 0.75
      0.88 1.00
      1.25 1.50


  • OMIT: CW
    F: CCW

CBE-shape-of-the-drawingsCBE shape of the drawings

Efficiency :

Displacement (cc/Rev)
0.75、0.88、 1.0、 1.25、1.5
Efficiency (%)


Precision Manufacturing

Our original self-produced gears are the result of precise and intelligent manufacturing, ensuring efficient work. With high precision compensation and a low noise operation (<55dB), the CBE gear pump provides a comfortable and efficient work experience.

Choosing CBE

Once customers choose their desired model, we provide the corresponding product technical data for final confirmation. This includes product shape, technical requirements, and performance data.

Experience the unparalleled quality, efficiency, and precision of the CBE Gear Pump Series. Invest in a gear pump that works as hard as you do!

In a world where efficiency and reliability are paramount, Rotontek continues to deliver groundbreaking solutions with its array of top-tier gear pumps. Standing at the forefront is our stellar CBE Gear Pump Series, a testament to Rotontek’s commitment to superior technology, intelligent design, and unparalleled performance.


CBST Bidirectional Gear Pump: The Power of Flexibility

Embodying adaptability and versatility, the CBST Bidirectional Gear Pump is another outstanding offering from Rotontek. The bidirectional functionality of the CBST series allows for dynamic operations in diverse applications, further enhancing the scope of hydraulic power. Engineered for precision and crafted for resilience, the CBST Bidirectional Gear Pump marks a new standard in fluid technology.

CBKT Unidirectional Gear Pump: The Essence of Precision

With an unwavering focus on precision and performance, the CBKT Unidirectional Gear Pump encapsulates the best of Rotontek’s innovative engineering. Offering high-quality, dependable, and efficient operations, the CBKT Unidirectional Gear Pump ensures your hydraulic systems run seamlessly. Its meticulously crafted design affirms Rotontek’s commitment to excellence and high standards in the hydraulic industry.

170A Series Hydraulic Power Unit: The Pinnacle of Power

Beyond gear pumps, Rotontek’s 170A Series Hydraulic Power Unit stands as a testament to power and efficiency. By providing steadfast hydraulic power, this unit enables the flawless functioning of a wide range of equipment. Its robust design, superior performance, and remarkable efficiency make the 170A series an indispensable tool for your hydraulic power needs.

Rotontek: Pioneers in Fluid Technology

At Rotontek, we place great emphasis on innovation, quality, and customization. Our offerings go beyond mere products – they are comprehensive solutions designed to meet and exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers. The CBE Gear Pump Series, CBST Bidirectional Gear Pump, CBKT Unidirectional Gear Pump, and 170A Series Hydraulic Power Unit are examples of this commitment. Each of these components are expertly designed, rigorously tested, and produced with the highest level of precision.

In the landscape of fluid technology, Rotontek continually advances, offering cutting-edge products that deliver on efficiency, reliability, and overall performance. We look forward to serving your hydraulic needs and exceeding your expectations with our innovative product range. Embrace the future of hydraulic technology with Rotontek!

Additional information




Rated pressure:
Rated speed:2800rpm
Max speed:4000rpm


0.25 0.32
0.38 0.50
0.63 0.75
0.88 1.00
1.25 1.50


Omit: CW


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