500W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle LD03D

The 500W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle LD03D is a powerful and efficient transaxle that combines a DC permanent magnet brush motor with a differential. It offers a small turning radius, high sensitivity, and delivers high torque output. With side-fixed installation, it ensures optimal performance and reliability.


In the world of industrial machinery, efficiency and durability often dominate the forefront of design and functionality. The LD03D series transaxle brings forward an advanced integration of the DC permanent magnet brush motor with a differential. This combination not only ensures a reduced turning radius but also enhances the system’s sensitivity. Such features make this transaxle stand out, offering a seamless blend of power and precision.


One of the most compelling aspects of a product is the detailed specifications it carries. These specs often provide a comprehensive insight into how the product performs and integrates within various systems.

Parameter Value
Model LD03D-500
Rated voltage DC 24V
Rated power 500W
Transmission ratio 1:19.75
No-load speed 150 RPM
Rated torque 35 Nm
Motor efficiency 75%
Motor diameter Ø68
Electromagnetic brake 6Nm
Noise ≤65

500W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle LD03D drawing


The LD03D series transaxle boasts an array of attributes. Rotontek has highlighted several critical features in this model:

  • Low Noise Production: Capping at a noise level of ≤68, this transaxle ensures minimal environmental disturbance.
  • Compact Design: Its design allows the transaxle to fit seamlessly into various systems without occupying excessive space.
  • Economical Power Usage: While delivering peak efficiency, it ensures minimal resource consumption.
  • Electromagnetic Brake: The 6Nm electromagnetic brake provides precise control, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Savings Maximized: Rotontek guarantees users get optimal value from their investment.
  • Dual Clutch System: The manual and electric clutch system grants users expansive control.
  • Power: With a robust 150W, it ensures dependable performance across conditions.
  • Robust Gear System: The alloy steel gear ensures efficiency and longevity.
  • Intelligent Brake System: This system boosts the overall safety during operations.
  • Protection: Its IP44 protection degree ensures resilience against water and dust, safeguarding the internal components.

Applications and Usability

The LD03D series transaxle finds its applications across numerous industries:

  • Power Trolleys: Due to its high torque and compact design, it’s an ideal fit for power trolleys, ensuring they move with ease and efficiency.
  • Industrial Vehicles: These vehicles often demand high efficiency and precision, making this transaxle a valuable component.
  • Conveyor Systems: For systems that require constant and smooth movement, the LD03D series becomes indispensable.
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs): The transaxle’s precision controls make it suitable for AGVs, ensuring they navigate seamlessly in complex environments.

The LD03D series transaxle promises a union of power, efficiency, and durability. Whether it’s a new setup or an integration into an existing system, this component ensures top-tier performance and reliability.


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