Control handle B

Control handle B is a state-of-the-art wheelchair control system featuring sine wave vector control for enhanced comfort and safety. It includes a flexible 3D control handle, dual motor drive with electronic differential, and comprehensive protection against voltage and current anomalies. Ideal for various scenarios, it offers customizable parameters and easy debugging.


Control handle B revolutionizes wheelchair mobility with its cutting-edge technology and user-centric design. This product, a standout offering from Rotontek, enhances the comfort and safety of wheelchair users through advanced control and protective features. Its versatile application and customizable options make it a top choice for those seeking reliable and efficient wheelchair operation.

Performance Advantages

  • Sine Wave Vector Control and Algorithms: This technology significantly boosts the comfort and safety of the wheelchair, ensuring a smooth and stable ride.
  • 3D Control Handle: Offers a flexible and convenient operation, making maneuvering easier and more intuitive.
  • Soft Starting and Parking: These functions, along with power-off braking, guarantee comfort and safety in various situations.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Includes under-voltage, over-voltage, over-current, and overheating protection, safeguarding both the user and the equipment.
  • Hall Phase Sequence Auto Identification: Facilitates easy debugging, enhancing the user experience.
  • Dual Motor Drive with Electronic Differential: Allows for more flexible steering, crucial for navigating tight spaces.

Control handle B advantage


Feature Specification
Control Technology Sine Wave Vector Control and Algorithms
Control Handle Type 3D Control (Model A or Model B)
Safety Features Soft Start/Park, Power-Off Braking
Protective Functions Under/Over Voltage, Overcurrent, Overheating
Debugging Convenience Hall Phase Sequence Auto Identification
Motor Configuration Dual Motor Drive with Electronic Differential
Customizability Open Parameters Programmable

Control handle B drawing

Application Scenarios

Control handle B excels in various scenarios, ensuring a seamless experience for wheelchair users:

  • Indoor Navigation: Its flexible steering and responsive control handle make it ideal for maneuvering in tight indoor spaces.
  • Outdoor Use: The robust protective functions and stable control system provide reliability and safety in outdoor environments.
  • Rehabilitation Centers: Offers an accessible and safe option for patients learning or relearning mobility.
  • Personal Use: Enhances daily mobility for individuals, offering a tailored and comfortable experience.

Control handle B applications

Customization and Compatibility

Rotontek‘s Control handle B allows users to personalize their experience. The open parameter programming feature means users can fine-tune settings to their specific needs. Additionally, the choice between model A and model B control handles offers further customization, ensuring a perfect match for various user preferences and requirements.

In Summary

Rotontek’s Control handle B stands out with its user-friendly design, advanced safety features, and customizable options. It presents a significant advancement in wheelchair technology, offering unmatched control and safety. Whether for personal use, in rehabilitation centers, or in diverse environments, this product promises to enhance the mobility experience for wheelchair users.


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