ID600 series 3KW~5KW motor controller

The ID600 series 3KW~5KW motor controller is a high-performance device utilizing advanced power electronics technology, designed to optimize motor efficiency. It features AI smart speed control, smooth speed brake, efficient heat dissipation, and offers IP55 protection. Ideal for automation applications, it ensures noiseless variable transmission control and safety, providing reliable and personalized solutions for various vehicles.


ID600 Series 3KW~5KW Motor Controller – a state-of-the-art device utilizing high-frequency power electronics technology to bring high efficiency to the motor. This exceptional controller incorporates noiseless variable transmission control and is ideally suited for automation applications. A high-performance microprocessor is at the core, ensuring optimized functionality and outstanding performance.

Exceptional Performance and Efficiency

Employing a high-performance microprocessor, the ID600 Series ensures peak motor efficiency, coupled with noiseless variable transmission control. This makes it versatile for various applications ,including:

  1. Unmanned Patrol Vehicles
  2. Electric tug
  3. Electric cleaning vehicle, Electric sweeper, Electric Scrubber
  4. Golf car
  5. Electric sightseeing car


Rotontek Distinctive Advantages

With Rotontek, users gain access to several unique benefits, including:

  • Standardized Production Process to maintain consistent quality.
  • Guaranteed Product Quality ensures reliable and long-lasting performance.
  • Personalized Solutions tailored to meet specific customer requirements.
  • A refined service system to address and resolve any concerns promptly.

Rotontek's Distinctive Advantages

Distinguished Features

  1. AI Smart Speed Control: Optimizes speed regulation under diverse load and terrain conditions.
  2. Smooth Speed Brake: Guarantees smooth braking experiences, enhancing safety.
  3. Efficient Heat Dissipation: Prolongs controller life by maintaining optimal operational temperatures.
  4. IP55 Degree of Protection: Offers dustproof and water repellent functionalities, making it versatile for indoor and outdoor use.
  5. Comfort and Safety: Incorporates user-friendly interfaces with robust safety protocols.
  6. Steady Climbing: Ensures powerful and stable performance on steep slopes.

Distinguished Features of ID600 Series

Innovation in Design and Operation

The ID600 series utilizes mainstream DSP at its core, creating an optimal platform for motor control algorithms and integrating advanced high-power MOSFET tubes as the power device. The series offers dynamic low-speed feedback electric brake technology and a self-learning function, streamlining installation and commissioning steps.


Specification ID600H-2300,2500,4300,4500,6500
Rated Voltage 24V, 24V, 36-48V, 36-48V, 48-72V
Peak Current 200A, 350A, 200A, 350A, 200A
Continuous Current 100A, 175A, 100A, 175A, 100A
Motor Sensor Type (Model 1) Hall
Motor Sensor Type (Model 2) A/B Incremental Encoder
Motor Sensor Type (Model 3) SIN/COS Encoder

The ID600 Series offers customization flexibility, allowing alterations in parameters or software according to customer needs, promising long warranty times and low maintenance costs.

ID600 Series drawing

ID600 Series drawing



Electromagnetic vs. Electronic Brakes

Electromagnetic brakes and electronic brakes are two distinctive braking technologies, with the former proving to be more reliable and energy-efficient. Here are the differences:

  1. Reliability: Electromagnetic brakes can still operate even in the absence of electricity, providing more reliable braking compared to electronic brakes which cannot complete the brakes effectively without electricity.
  2. Power Saving: Electronic brakes require power consumption to prevent slippage on slopes, while electromagnetic brakes, being mechanical automatic brakes, do not consume electricity in such situations, proving to be more power-efficient.

Rotontek ID600 Series Motor Controller is not just a step but a leap towards a greener and more sustainable future, delivering unparalleled performance, customization, and energy efficiency. By amalgamating advanced technologies, exceptional features, and robust specifications, it stands as a testament to Rotontek’s commitment to providing revolutionary green energy solutions.


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