600W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle LD03D

The 600W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle LD03D is a powerful and efficient transaxle featuring a DC permanent magnet brush motor combined with a differential. Offering a high torque output, small turning radius, and optimal sensitivity, it’s designed for superior performance while ensuring minimal noise and energy consumption.


Dive into a world of innovation and efficiency with the LD03D transaxle. Designed to integrate seamlessly into various applications, this transaxle boasts a compact design paired with robust power. From its high torque output to the precision differential, this product truly stands out with its unique blend of performance and adaptability.


Parameter Value
Model LD03D-600
Rated Voltage DC 24V
Rated Power 600W
Transmission Ratio 1:19.75
No-Load Speed 200 RPM
Rated Torque 33 Nm
Motor Efficiency 78%
Motor Diameter Ø68
Electromagnetic Brake 6 Nm
Noise Level ≤65

600W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle LD03D drawing

Key Features

  1. High Torque Output:With a rated torque of 33 Nm, this transaxle ensures strong power when it’s needed most.
  2. Compact Design:Small, beautiful, and designed for optimal integration, this transaxle makes the most of every inch.
  3. Efficiency at Its Best:Boasting an impressive motor efficiency of 78%, the LD03D series is not only powerful but also energy-efficient.
  4. Silent Operation:Maintain a peaceful environment with its noise level of ≤65, ensuring operations remain as quiet as possible.
  5. Durable and Reliable:The alloy steel gear and built-in gear differential promise longevity and consistent performance.

Advanced Technologies

  1. Electromagnetic Intelligent Brake System:Rotontek integrates an electromagnetic brake that’s both reliable and efficient. This feature ensures safety and control in various situations.
  2. Protection for Every Environment:Designed to be waterproof and dustproof, this transaxle has a degree of protection up to IP44, making it suitable for a variety of environments.
  3. Clutch System:With a manual clutch + electric clutch mechanism, users can expect increased flexibility and control.
  4. Energy Saving:The combination of lower power consumption and high motor efficiency makes this product a wise choice for eco-conscious consumers.
  5. Easy Installation:The side-fixed installation method promises a hassle-free setup process, allowing for quick integration into desired applications.

500W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle LD03D


The LD03D series transaxle by Rotontek serves a wide range of applications where power, efficiency, and compactness are essential. Whether it’s for mobile machinery, electric vehicles, or specialized equipment, the LD03D stands as a testament to quality and performance.

With Rotontek’s commitment to excellence and innovation, users can expect a product that not only meets but also exceeds their expectations.


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