800W Permanent Magnet BLDC Transaxle LDM12

The 800W Permanent Magnet BLDC Transaxle LDM12 combines a high-efficiency brushless DC motor and a differential, offering enhanced safety with a small turning radius. It features customizable voltage, speed, and shaft length, ensuring optimal performance and comfort with low noise production, making it ideal for diverse applications.


In the realm of innovative solutions for mobility and automotive systems, a transaxle is pivotal in marrying efficiency and performance. The LDM12 800W Permanent Magnet BLDC Transaxle stands out for its integration of a brushless DC motor and a differential, heralding a harmonious blend of power and stability.


  • Turning Radius & Safety: The inclusion of a differential function ensures a small turning radius, making it unlikely to roll over, thereby enhancing the safety of the product.
  • High Efficiency: The motor operates with high efficiency, saving power and extending the continuation time.
  • Brushless Design: This design feature ensures a longer life and mitigates the problem of difficult maintenance.
  • Comfort & Noise Level: The transaxle operates comfortably and produces low noise, offering users an enriched experience.
  • Customization Options: Users have the flexibility to choose from optional voltage ranging from 24V to 36V to 48V, and the speed, shaft length, etc., can be tailored according to actual needs.

800W Permanent Magnet BLDC Transaxle LDM02 feature


Parameter Specification
Model LDM12 800
Rated Voltage DC 36V-48V
Rated Power 800W
Transmission Ratio 1:19.75
No-load Speed 150 RPM
Rated Torque 50Nm
Motor Efficiency 85%
Motor Diameter Ø90
Electromagnetic Brake 6Nm
Noise ≤60

800W Permanent Magnet BLDC Transaxle LDM02 drawing


  • Power Conservation: With a motor efficiency of 85%, it excels in conserving energy, ensuring optimal performance without excessive power consumption.
  • Extended Lifespan & Reduced Maintenance: The brushless design of the transaxle guarantees a longer lifespan and alleviates the hassles of intricate maintenance.
  • User-Centric Experience: The low noise level and supreme comfort it provides make it ideal for users seeking a seamless experience.


The LDM12 800W Permanent Magnet BLDC Transaxle, crafted by Rotontek, is versatile, catering to diverse domains such as:

  • Electric Vehicles: A vital component for enhancing maneuverability and safety in electric mobility solutions.
  • Industrial Equipment: It can play a crucial role in varied machinery and tools requiring efficient transmission systems.
  • Personal Mobility Devices: For devices like electric scooters and wheelchairs, it offers a balanced mix of power and user-friendly operation.

800W Permanent Magnet BLDC Transaxle LDM02 application

Customization and Adaptability

Rotontek is proud to provide customization options to accommodate the unique needs of various users. Offering choices in voltage, speed, and shaft length makes it a top pick for those seeking personalized solutions. Rotontek guarantees quality and precision in every product, delivering value and dependability in all applications.

Optimal User Experience

With its user-friendly features, high efficiency, and the promise of low noise, Rotontek’s LDM12 800W Permanent Magnet BLDC Transaxle stands as a testament to quality and innovation. It promises an enriched user experience, combining safety, comfort, and power conservation, making it a sought-after product in varied applications.


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