Brushless Motor Joystick Controller

The Brushless Motor Joystick Controller from Rotontek is a revolutionary device designed for superior electric wheelchair control. It incorporates advanced motor control algorithms for optimal safety and comfort. Notable features include intelligent braking, automatic motor load compensation, and power failure protection. This controller offers customizable parameters for different environments and road conditions, and its user-friendly design is appreciated by both end-users and OEMs alike. An indispensable tool, it guarantees safe, convenient, and precise control over mobility devices.


Introducing the Rotontek Intelligent Brushless Motor Drive Controller Joystick – revolutionizing mobility technology with Aerospace Grade Chip, 360° Universal Rocker, easy operation, and smart braking system.

Rotonket continues to advance in providing  Factory Direct automation solutions that guarantee premium product quality, personalized solutions, and a refined service system.


Why choose our Brushless Motor Joystick Controller?

Unprecedented Control: Our Brushless Motor Joystick incorporates DSP advanced algorithms and universal rocker to provide a 360° rotating experience that assures safe, It harnesses the power of DSP advanced algorithms for smooth and efficient operations, ensuring stable signal quality and high interference immunity. stable, and user-friendly operation.

Advanced Safety Measures: The Brushless Motor Drive Controller Joystick shines with its unique safety features. The intelligent brakes ensure optimal safety and comfort in all situations. The automatic motor load compensation function keeps a stable speed when tackling obstacles or climbing hills. The power failure protection allows the controller to slowly decelerate to a stop, ensuring user safety even during a power failure.

Reliable Performance: Our intelligent controller utilizes a flight controller to command the electric wheelchair. Combined with motor control algorithms, the joystick ensures the wheelchair remains controllable even in the event of a power failure, maintaining a stable speed when traversing obstacles or climbing hills.

Customizable & User-Friendly: We offer flexible configurations with parameters open for easy customer debugging. Hall phase sequence automatic identification is also available, making it convenient for OEMs to debug.


Product Parameters

Supply Voltage
Operation Voltage
DC 18V – 30V
Output Current
PWM Frequency
Control Method
Hall rocker all-round control
Brake Voltage
Brake Current
Recharging Current
Braking Method
Energy and electromagnetic brakes
Display Mode
LED Indication



Bottom-view-of-drive-controller-rocker-and-mounting-hole-dimensions360° intelligent rocker instructions for use


Wide Applications

RotonTek’s joystick controller is suitable for a wide range of applications. It powers new energy solutions, rehabilitation and care equipment like electric wheelchairs and intelligent stair-climbing cars. It’s also applicable in transport vehicles like electric trollies and forklifts, cleaning machines, agricultural machinery, and home mobility vehicles such as mobility scooters.


Rotontek, a pioneering force in mobility solutions, is pleased to showcase an extensive product line that champions convenience, safety, and innovation. Among these innovations is our Brushless Motor Joystick Controller, which has gained significant acclaim in the mobility industry for its intuitive design, unparalleled control, and advanced safety features.

A Unique Blend of Functionality and Innovation

With our Rotonek Intelligent Brushless Motor Drive Controller Joystick, we continue to raise the bar. This device, powered by an aerospace-grade chip, provides exceptional control and a seamless operation experience for electric wheelchairs. Its 360-degree universal rocker and smart braking system redefine what users can expect from their mobility devices, promising an experience that’s as safe as it is intuitive.


Breaking New Ground with the ID500 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller

As part of our commitment to improving mobility across all applications, Rotontek has also developed the ID500 series DC brushless wheelchair controller. This remarkable piece of technology optimizes performance and enhances the user experience by providing precise, responsive control over wheelchair movements.

Power Meets Precision in the 850W DL210 Brushless Electric Drive Wheel

Another noteworthy offering in our range is the 850W DL210 Brushless Electric Drive Wheel. This versatile drive assembly is a popular choice for electric forklifts, offering impressive power and the precision control necessary to handle complex manoeuvres.

Optimal Control with the ID200 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller

Finally, we offer the ID200 series DC brushless wheelchair controller, a sophisticated device designed to deliver the utmost in smooth, accurate control for wheelchair users. Its advanced design and cutting-edge technology ensure an effortless and safe experience, regardless of terrain or conditions.

Rotontek is driven by a commitment to excellence, innovation, and quality. Each product in our range is a testament to this ethos, and our dedication to advancing the mobility industry is unwavering. From wheelchair controllers to electric drive assemblies, we create solutions that truly move you.

Additional information

Supply voltage


Operation voltage

DC18V -30V

Output current


PWM frequency


Control method

Hall rocker all-round

Brake voltage


Brake current


Recharging current


Braking method

Energy and
electromagnetic brakes

Display mode

LED indication


Speed adjustable


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