HALL Joystick Controller B

Harness precision and speed with Rotontek’s HALL Joystick Controller B, the new standard in powerchair navigation. This intelligent controller operates on the push-to-go principle: direct it, and your powerchair obeys, accelerating as you exert more pressure. Let go, and it halts instantly, thanks to built-in braking. Personalize your experience with alternative knobs, balls, or handles designed for accessibility. Experience empowered mobility with Rotontek.


Discover the power of intelligent automation with Rotontek’s HALL Joystick Controller B, a product crafted from Zhongshan Rotontek Intelligent Technology’s commitment to standardized production, product quality, personalized solutions, and detailed service system.


Advanced Technology for a Seamless Operation

Our HALL Joystick Controller B boasts an aviation-grade microchip for a smooth and responsive operation. 360-degree rotating joystick ensures a full range of maneuverability. This controller is equipped with gear speed adjustment, speed indication, and an electric quantity indication for user-friendly operation. The model also features a convenient horn button for alerting and signaling purposes.


Notable Product Specifications

Power Voltage
DC 18~56V
Case Material
Storage Temperature
Charging Current
Operating Temperature
Protection Class



Bottom-view-of-drive-controller-rocker-and-mounting-hole-dimensions-1360° intelligent Joystick instructions C/D


Uniquely Customizable and User-Friendly

The HALL Joystick Controller B is not only about performance but also comfort and customization. Enjoy a comfortable joystick experience, complete with a buzzer and Bluetooth remote control for your convenience. Take advantage of its SCI or CAN bus compatibility, fault indication, and customizable joystick color. Moreover, it also boasts an automatic shutdown feature for energy conservation.

Multi-faceted Application Areas

This versatile motor drive controller joystick can be used in various scenarios – from rehabilitation and care (like electric wheelchairs and intelligent stair-climbing cars), transport vehicles (equipment, electric trolleys, forklifts), cleaning equipment, agricultural machinery, to home mobility solutions.


Safety and Precision with Intelligent Braking System

Experience the security of Rotontek’s electromagnetic intelligent braking system. Unlike common controllers with electronic brakes, the HALL Joystick Controller B ensures safe braking even in power-off conditions, preventing any unwanted slippage.

Comparison Between Rotontek Intelligent Controller and Common Controller

Roton Hall Rocker Intelligent Controller
Common Controller
Safe, simple and easy to operate
Inconvenient to operate
Supports electromagnetic brakes
Supports electronic brakes only
DSP advanced controller
Monolithic entry-level controller
Supports programming
Lifetime Limited Warranty

With Rotontek’s HALL Joystick Controller B, gain control over your machinery with advanced technology, safety, and convenience at your fingertips.

Venture into the world of superior navigation with Rotontek, a leading innovator in advanced controller systems. Our product range, including the HALL Joystick Controller B, Brushless Motor Joystick Controller, and various Permanent Magnet Brushed Electric Transaxles, serves as a testament to our commitment to groundbreaking technology and user convenience.


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In every product, Rotontek embodies the principles of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our controllers and transaxles are more than just devices; they are solutions engineered to enhance productivity and efficiency. Choose Rotontek, the brand you can trust for superior control systems.

Additional information

Power voltage

DC 18~56V

Case material


Storage temperature


Charging curent


Operating temperature


Protection class



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