500W Permanent Magnet Transaxle

The 500W Permanent Magnet Transaxle combines a DC permanent magnet brush motor with a differential. It features durable alloy steel hardened gears, offering five times the longevity of powder metallurgy gears and operates at a quiet noise level of 54dB. Suitable for electric trolleys, floor cleaners, and playground equipment.


Step into the realm of advanced machinery with the 500W series inline transaxle. This top-of-the-line product brings together a DC permanent magnet brush motor and a differential in one compact unit. Its alloy steel hardened gears distinguish it from the rest, offering durability that surpasses traditional powder metallurgy gears by five times. Furthermore, while it delivers robust performance, it ensures the surroundings remain peaceful with its minimal noise production, capped at a mere 54dB.

Performance Advantages

  • Long-Lasting Gears: Alloy steel hardened gears not only provide strength but also ensure the transaxle’s extended lifespan, especially when juxtaposed with traditional gears.
  • Quiet Operations: Despite its power, the transaxle respects the serenity of workspaces. Its operations emit only up to 54dB of noise, promoting a distraction-free environment.
  • Efficient Motor Performance: The motor stands out with an efficiency of 76%, promising not only top-tier performance but also energy conservation.

500W Permanent Magnet Transaxle

Detailed Specifications

Feature Specification
Model 500W Series
Rated Voltage DC 24V
Power Specification 500W
Transmission Ratio 1:36
No-load Speed 127RPM
Torque Rating 46.8 Nm
Motor Efficiency 76%
Diameter of Motor 97
Brake Torque 1.3Nm

500W Permanent Magnet Transaxle drawing


With Rotontek commitment to innovation and quality, the 500W series inline transaxle finds its niche in various applications:

  • Electric Trolleys: Aiding in their seamless movement and ensuring energy-efficient operations, perfect for locations like logistic centers or busy transport hubs.
  • Floor Cleaners: Powering them to maintain and deliver spic-and-span results in expansive areas such as commercial complexes or administrative buildings.
  • Playground Equipment: Offering both thrill and safety, ensuring children can have fun without any compromises on safety.

500W Permanent Magnet Transaxle application

Integrating the 500W series inline transaxle into your equipment doesn’t just mean upgrading a component; it’s about elevating the entire operational experience. Rotontek ensures you get nothing but the best.


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