119D Forklift Hydraulic Power Unit

The 119D Forklift Hydraulic Power Unit boasts a 30% longer working time compared to similar products, providing continuous operation for 4 minutes at 20% ED under full load. Featuring an all-aluminum fluid tank with heat dissipation ribs, this unit ensures excellent heat dissipation, further enhancing working time. The high-power, high-efficiency motor offers 20% more full-load capacity, while maintaining a low noise level of 62dB or less. Designed to optimize motor efficiency and heat dissipation, the 119D unit reduces power consumption, extends forklift service life, and decreases charging frequency.


The 119D Forklift Hydraulic Power Unit is designed for a variety of applications, including stand-up electric forklifts, pallet trucks, stackers, and counterbalanced forklifts. Manufactured by Roton Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, this compact hydraulic power unit provides a multitude of benefits to its users.


Key Advantages

  • Comfortable and Low Noise: The unit operates at a noise level of <= 62dB, ensuring a comfortable working environment.
  • High Power: The motor boasts high power and efficiency, with 20% more full-load capacity for longer working hours.
  • Long Continuous Working Hours: It can work continuously for 4 minutes at 20% ED under full load, a 30% improvement compared to similar products.
  • Good Heat Dissipation: The all-aluminum fluid tank with heat dissipation ribs allows for better heat dissipation, further enhancing working time.
  • Low Energy Consumption: Designed to optimize motor efficiency and heat dissipation, this unit reduces power consumption and extends forklift service life.


Product Specifications

Motor Power:
No-load Current:
No-load Rate:
Factory-set Pressure:
Current at 18MPA:
Flow Rate (18MPA Load):
Flow Rate (3T Load):

Reliable Manufacturing

The 119D Hydraulic Power Unit features a self-developed motor, known for its excellent sealing, high efficiency, and strong power. Its compact structure ensures high transmission efficiency and a small footprint.




High-Quality Materials and Manufacturing

Constructed from high-quality aluminum and non-metallic materials, this unit showcases an advanced exterior design that ensures system reliability. The gear pump uses automotive transmission gear steel, processed by automatic gear hobbing and grinding machines, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

All-Aluminum Fluid Tank

The fluid tank’s all-aluminum design ensures better heat dissipation, contributing to the unit’s overall performance.

As a leading provider of hydraulic power solutions, Rotontek is proud to present our extensive range of high-performance hydraulic power units designed to cater to various applications. In addition to our renowned 119D Forklift Hydraulic Power Unit, we offer other exceptional products such as the 170A Series Hydraulic Power Unit, 119 Hydraulic Power Unit, and the 109 A/C Series Compact Hydraulic Power Unit.

The Rotontek Advantage

Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition. We focus on providing standardized production processes, guaranteed quality service, customized solutions, and a detailed service system, making us the go-to brand for all your hydraulic power needs.


170A Series Hydraulic Power Unit

The 170A Series Hydraulic Power Unit is an industry-leading solution for heavy-duty applications that require exceptional power and efficiency. This versatile hydraulic power unit is perfect for construction equipment, material handling systems, and various other demanding applications.

119 Hydraulic Power Unit

As a sibling to the 119D, the 119 Hydraulic Power Unit offers similar outstanding features and benefits. This unit is designed for a wide range of applications, including pallet trucks, stackers, and counterbalanced forklifts, delivering reliable and efficient hydraulic power.

109 A/C Series Compact Hydraulic Power Unit

Compact yet powerful, the 109 A/C Series is perfect for applications with space constraints. Its efficient design enables seamless integration into various systems, while maintaining the high performance and reliability Rotontek is known for.

Commitment to Innovation and Quality

At Rotontek, we pride ourselves on our continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence. Our product lineup showcases our dedication to providing top-quality hydraulic power units for a diverse array of applications. Whether you require a powerful solution like the 170A Series or a compact option like the 109 A/C Series, Rotontek has the perfect hydraulic power unit to meet your needs.

Please note that upon customer selection, we will provide the relevant product technical data (including appearance drawing, technical parameters, performance, etc.) for confirmation. The actual appearance may differ from the selection drawing data.

Additional information

Motor Power




No-load current


No-load rate


Factory-set pressure


Current at 18MPA


Rate of flow during load(18MPA)


Rate of flow during load drop (3T)



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