800W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle LD02B

The 800W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle LD02B combines a DC permanent magnet brush motor with a differential, offering high power and torque. This transaxle features a small turning radius, high sensitivity, and efficient performance, making it ideal for various applications.


Harness the power of the latest innovation in transaxle technology with the LD02B series. This exceptional product melds the efficiency of a DC permanent magnet brush motor with the precision of a differential. Such a combination results in an instrument of power that boasts both a small turning radius and heightened sensitivity.

Key Features

Quiet Operations: With a noise level of ≤68, the LD02B series prioritizes silent operation.

  • Compact and Attractive Design: The transaxle is not only efficient but also elegantly designed to fit seamlessly into any setup.
  • Optimized Power Consumption: Consume less power while achieving superior results, ensuring a greener and cost-effective operation.
  • Electromagnetic Braking System: Experience the safety and precision of an electromagnetic brake with a 6Nm rating.
  • Enhanced Savings: Designed to offer greater efficiency, this transaxle ensures more savings in the long run.
  • Dual Clutch System: Choose the best mode of operation with both manual and electric clutch options available.
  • Robust Power: At 150W, it delivers a force that is both robust and dependable.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with alloy steel gear, the built-in gear differential ensures durability and longevity.
  • Intelligent Electromagnetic Brake System: Benefit from a smarter and more responsive braking system.
  • Environmental Resistance: Water or dust won’t hinder its performance, boasting a protection grade of up to IP44.

800W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle LD02B


Specifications Details
Model LD02B-800
Rated Voltage DC 24V
Rated Power 800W
Transmission Ratio 1:19.75
No-load Speed 230 RPM
Rated Torque 37 Nm
Motor Efficiency 80%
Motor Diameter Ø97
Electromagnetic Brake 6Nm
Noise Level ≤68

800W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle LD02B drawing

Applications and Uses

Rotontek’s LD02B series transaxle stands out as an essential tool for a multitude of applications. It provides the perfect solution for:

  • Heavy-duty machinery requiring high torque and power.
  • Equipment that requires a compact design without compromising on efficiency.
  • Devices that operate in environments where water and dust resistance is crucial.
  • Systems where silent operation is a top priority.

800W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle LD02B drawing application

Now, step into the future of transaxle technology with the LD02B series by Rotontek. Invest in efficiency, power, and unparalleled design.


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