300W Permanent Magnet Brushless Transaxle LDM01

The LDM01 is a 300W brushless transaxle featuring a permanent magnet design. With a built-in differential, it ensures a tight turning radius and enhanced safety. It boasts high motor efficiency, extended lifespan, low noise levels, and customization options for voltage, speed, and shaft length.


In an era where technological advancement and innovation rule, mobility solutions need to keep pace. Introducing the LDM01, a state-of-the-art brushless transaxle system. This device doesn’t just promise performance but delivers a blend of efficiency, safety, and user-centric features.

  • Differential Advantage: The LDM01 comes with a built-in differential function. This ensures a minimal turning radius and high stability, significantly reducing the chances of rolling over. Safety is paramount, and this feature ensures users experience a secure ride.
  • Power Efficient: The motor demonstrates remarkable efficiency. This efficiency means that it not only conserves power but also ensures longer operation durations. With reduced power consumption, you save energy and increase the duration of use.
  • Long-lasting Design: Say goodbye to frequent maintenance issues. The brushless design promises extended life and negates problematic maintenance.
  • User Experience: The LDM01 operates with minimal noise, ensuring that users enjoy a comfortable and disturbance-free experience.
  • Customization: Flexibility stands at the core of LDM01’s design. It accommodates various voltage options, ranging from 24V to 48V. Additionally, features such as speed and shaft length can be tailored based on user requirements.

300W Permanent Magnet Brushless Transaxle LDM01


Specification Details
Model LDM01-300
Rated Voltage DC 24V-48V
Rated Power 350W
Transmission Ratio 1:17.75
No-Load Speed 200 RPM
Rated Torque 16 Nm
Motor Efficiency 80%
Motor Diameter Ø68-70
Electromagnetic Brake 3Nm

300W Permanent Magnet Brushless Transaxle LDM01 drawing


The LDM01 brushless transaxle finds its application in a multitude of domains. It caters to vehicles requiring a compact powertrain solution without compromising on power or safety. Given its customizable features and efficiency, Rotontek LDM01 finds its application in various sectors:

  • Electric vehicles requiring transaxle solutions
  • Industrial machinery and equipment
  • Medical devices such as electric wheelchairs
  • Robotics and automation systems

300W Permanent Magnet Brushless Transaxle LDM01 application

Key Benefits

  1. Safety: With the differential function, the risk of accidents drops substantially. Rotontek ensures that you remain safe on your journey.
  2. Sustainability: With high motor efficiency, you are looking at significant power savings. Rotontek is committed to sustainability and efficiency.
  3. Durability: The brushless design guarantees longevity. With Rotontek, you invest in a product built to last.
  4. Customizability: Every user has unique needs. The LDM01 from Rotontek recognizes this and offers a range of customization options.


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