Motor Wheel


Motor Wheel

Rotontek offers advanced mobile drivetrain solutions for sectors like construction and agriculture. Our integrated wheeldrives combine the motor, reducer, and wheels for easy and efficient vehicle installation.

Rotontek: Your Leading Motor Wheel Manufacturer

As a leading Motor Wheel Manufacturer, our motor wheel combines cutting-edge engineering with innovative design, providing unparalleled efficiency and power for modern transport mechanisms.

Our Motor Wheel is designed for the diverse needs of modern applications. Whether it’s for electric bicycles, tourist sightseeing cars, or even higher-tech autonomous tools, our motor wheel delivers exemplary performance and lasting durability. By integrating advanced motor control technology and intelligent manufacturing, we ensure that every motor wheel operates under the most challenging conditions while maintaining optimal efficiency.

Motor Wheel Series

LTD03 Permanent Magnet Brushless Motors Wheel drives
Experience the power and efficiency of Rotontek 500W ND22-2-21 Electric Transaxle. Featu...
LTD02 Permanent Magnet Brushless Motors Electric Wheel Drives
Designed with an electromagnetic brake, it ensures safe parking even on slopes. This motor stands out...
Electric forklift drive assembly 850W DL210 Brushless electric drive wheel
The 850W DL210 Electric Drive Wheel, a high-efficiency power unit, seamlessly integrates...
750W Brush electric drive wheel-Electric forklift drive assembly
Introducing the LD02B series Electric Transaxles by Rotontek, featuring a permanent magnet...

Motor Wheel Innovative Technical Solutions

Rotontek delivers all-in-one wheeldrives for construction, agriculture, and industrial uses: motor, reducer, and wheel combined.

The most complete electric wheelchair expandable power transmission system. Includes 360-degree Hall joystick, controller and motor wheel in an all-in-one solution that can be quickly mounted on a wheelchair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to top queries about Motor Wheel.

What is the significance of the manual electric dual-use switch in the Rotontek LTD03 and LTD02 Permanent Magnet Brushless Motors Wheel Drives?

The manual electric dual-use switch allows users to conveniently switch between manual and electric modes, offering versatility and adaptability in varied situations.

How does the electromagnetic brake in the LTD02 model enhance safety?

The electromagnetic brake in the LTD02 ensures that the motor securely parks, even on inclines. This provides enhanced safety, especially in scenarios where stability on slopes is crucial.

What applications are the 850W DL210 and 750W DL210 Electric Drive Wheels best suited for?

Both the 850W DL210 and the 750W DL210 Electric Drive Wheels are primarily designed for electric forklifts, AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), electric pallet trucks, and electric tractors, providing efficient power in these applications.

How does the 850W DL210 Electric Drive Wheel contribute to eco-friendly operations?

The 850W DL210 Electric Drive Wheel offers a high-efficiency power solution, reducing energy wastage and ensuring optimal energy utilization, which contributes to sustainable and eco-friendly operations.

Between the Rotontek LTD03 and LTD02 models, which one has the electromagnetic brake feature?

The Rotontek LTD02 Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor is the one designed with an electromagnetic brake for safe parking.

Is the noise reduction in these motors and drive wheels due to the brushless design?

Yes, brushless motors are generally quieter than their brushed counterparts due to the absence of brushes that can cause friction and noise. Both the Rotontek LTD03, LTD02, and the DL210 models benefit from this low-noise operation.

How does the compact design of the DL210 Electric Drive Wheels benefit its users?

The compact design of the DL210 Electric Drive Wheels ensures easy installation and integration into vehicles. This design takes up less space, allowing for more flexibility in application and ensuring compatibility with a wider range of equipment.

How do these devices handle various terrains, especially uphill?

The Rotontek LTD03, LTD02, and the DL210 models are all designed with strong uphill capabilities. This ensures they provide reliable performance on varying terrains, from flat surfaces to steep inclines, guaranteeing user safety and efficient operation