Drive Controller For DC Brushless Motor ID200

The ID200 Drive Controller is designed for DC brushless motors, offering advanced sine wave vector control for mobility scooters, electric trolleys, and cleaning machines. It features anti-skid, electromagnetic brakes, and protection against voltage and current anomalies, enhancing safety and performance.



Introducing the ID200, a top-tier drive controller for DC brushless motors. Its precision engineering shines in a range of vehicles, from mobility scooters to kids’ karts. The controller’s sine wave vector control and smart algorithms guarantee smooth operation. Additionally, it includes multiple protection features. Anti-skid and electromagnetic brakes enhance safety and reliability, setting new industry standards.

Performance Advantages

  • Enhanced Control: Leverages sine wave vector control for smooth acceleration and deceleration, ensuring efficient handling.
  • Safety First: Incorporates anti-skid technology and electromagnetic braking to enhance user safety during operation.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Features robust safeguards against under-voltage, over-voltage, over-current, and overheating.
  • Superior Chip Technology: Utilizes a high-performance DSP chip from T1 company, offering exceptional anti-interference capabilities.
  • Renowned Components: Employs internationally acclaimed MOS tubes, guaranteeing high efficiency and stability during usage.

Drive Controller For DC Brushless Motor ID200 advantage

Product Specifications

Specification Detail
Model ID200
Rated Voltage DC24V/36V/48V
Continuous Current 60 min¹ 30A/1 min² 60A
Peak Current 10 sec 75A
CAN Communication YES
SCI Communication YES

These specifications ensure that the ID200 drive controller can handle a wide range of applications with ease, providing a blend of power and finesse.

Drive Controller For DC Brushless Motor ID200 drawing

Specific Applications

The ID200 excels in a variety of settings. Mobility scooters benefit from its responsive control and protective features, enhancing the user’s experience. Electric handling trolleys become more reliable and efficient, thanks to the controller’s precision and power management. For cleaning machines, the ID200’s advanced algorithms provide the necessary control for various cleaning tasks. And in kids’ karts, the controller not only assures a fun ride but also prioritizes safety with its integrated brake functions.

Drive Controller For DC Brushless Motor ID200 application

Tailored for Excellence

The ID200 by Rotontek represents a leap forward in drive control technology for DC brushless motors. Its impeccable design, combined with top-tier components, ensures it stands out as a leading solution in power management and motor control. Whether it’s for work or play, the ID200 provides the efficiency, safety, and reliability required to power through the task at hand.


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