Drive Controller ID500

The Drive Controller ID500 offers enhanced electric wheelchair management through advanced control algorithms, ensuring smooth operation, reliable safety features, and intelligent braking. Its user-friendly interface, with LED display and flexible motor configurations, simplifies customization and diagnostics for an optimal driving experience.



Unveil the epitome of control and comfort in electric wheelchair management with the Drive Controller ID500. This innovative product transforms the way users interact with their electric wheelchairs, offering an unprecedented level of flexibility and ease of operation. Designed for performance, safety, and user convenience, the ID500 stands out as a cutting-edge solution for wheelchair mobility.

Performance Advantages

The ID500 boasts state-of-the-art motor and vehicle control algorithms that elevate comfort and safety to new heights. It introduces:

  • Enhanced Maneuverability: Users experience fluid control over their movements, making navigation simple and intuitive.
  • Intelligent Braking System: This system ensures that users can trust their electric wheelchair to stop safely and comfortably in various driving conditions.
  • Stable Speed Maintenance: Overcoming obstacles or ascending slopes becomes worry-free with the automatic motor load compensation function, guaranteeing a consistent speed.
  • Reliability and Safety: With multiple protection mechanisms, users can feel secure in the reliability of their wheelchair’s performance.
  • Power Failure Protection: In the rare case of a power outage during use, the wheelchair will gracefully decelerate to a stop, ensuring the user is not stranded.

Drive Controller ID500 advantage

Product Specifications

To better understand the capabilities of the ID500, here’s a detailed look at its specifications:

Specification Detail
Model ID500
Supply Voltage DC 24V
Operation Voltage DC 18V to 30V
PWM Frequency 18KHz ±1.0%
Control Method Hall rocker all-round control
Brake Voltage 24VDC
Brake Current 300 to 600mA
Charging Current 6A max
Braking Method Energy and electromagnetic brakes
Display Mode LED

Drive Controller ID500 drawing

Specific Application Scenarios

The ID500 thrives in multiple environments and use cases:

  • Navigating Complex Surfaces: Whether it’s an uneven park pathway or a steep ramp, users retain precise control.
  • Indoor Maneuvering: Tight corners and crowded spaces are no match for the precise handling facilitated by the ID500.
  • Safety in Public Spaces: The intelligent brakes make crowded areas like shopping malls and event spaces safer for both the user and surrounding people.
  • Extended Travel: The reliability and stability features allow for prolonged use, giving users the confidence to travel further.

Drive Controller ID500 application

Ease of Use and Customization

Rotontek ensures that convenience is at the forefront:

  • Fault Diagnosis: Users and technicians can quickly identify issues, making maintenance a breeze.
  • Open Parameters: The ID500’s parameters are designed to be user-friendly, allowing for easy adjustments and customizations.
  • Hall Phase Sequence Identification: OEMs can streamline their debugging process with this automatic function.
  • Flexible Motor Configuration: Customizing motor 1 and motor 2 as left or right motors simplifies installation and personalization.


From its intelligent braking system to its user-friendly customization options, the Drive Controller ID500 by Rotontek redefines electric wheelchair control. Offering both top-tier performance and unmatched ease of use, this controller is the smart choice for enhancing mobility and ensuring the safety of electric wheelchair users. Discover the freedom and control that comes with the ID500 — where every journey becomes a comfortable adventure.


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