Drive Controller ID510

The Drive Controller ID510 is a cutting-edge electric wheelchair controller. It offers flexible operation with a flight controller, advanced motor algorithms, and intelligent braking for enhanced safety and comfort. This device ensures stable speed over obstacles, incorporates multiple safety mechanisms, and features easy fault diagnosis and customizable settings for optimal user experience.



Drive Controller ID510 revolutionizes electric wheelchair control, enhancing flexibility and convenience. This innovative product from Rotontek seamlessly integrates advanced motor control algorithms with comprehensive vehicle control, elevating both comfort and safety. It features intelligent braking systems, automatic motor load compensation, and various protective mechanisms, making it an ideal choice for electric wheelchair users seeking reliable, safe, and efficient mobility.

Performance Advantages

  1. Enhanced Operational Flexibility: The flight controller technology enables more agile and convenient operation.
  2. Improved Comfort and Safety: Advanced control algorithms ensure a smooth and safe ride.
  3. Intelligent Braking System: Ensures safety and comfort in various driving conditions.
  4. Stable Speed Maintenance: Automatic motor load compensation helps maintain consistent speed over obstacles and inclines.
  5. Reliable and Safe: Multiple protection mechanisms enhance the wheelchair’s safety and reliability.
  6. Power Failure Protection: Ensures control and gradual deceleration in case of power loss.
  7. Easy Fault Diagnosis: Simplifies troubleshooting for customers.
  8. User-friendly Configuration: Simple, open parameters and Hall phase sequence identification ease OEM debugging.
  9. Flexible Motor Configuration: Allows for convenient customer installation and debugging.

Drive Controller ID510 advantage


Feature Specification
Model ID510
Supply Voltage DC 24V
Operation Voltage DC18V TO 30V
PWM Frequency 18KHz ± 1.0%
Control Method Hall rocker all-round control
Brake Voltage 24VDC
Brake Current 300~600mA
Charging Current 6A max
Braking Method Energy and electromagnetic brakes
Display Mode LED

Drive Controller ID510 drawing

Specific Application Scenarios

  1. Navigating Rough Terrains: Ideal for overcoming obstacles and climbing hills with stable speed.
  2. Urban Mobility: Suitable for daily city commuting, ensuring safety and comfort on varied urban terrains.
  3. Emergency Situations: Reliable during power failures, ensuring user safety with controlled deceleration.
  4. Customization and Maintenance: User-friendly for both OEMs and end-users, offering easy debugging and parameter adjustments.

Drive Controller ID510 application

Rotontek Drive Controller ID510 offers a blend of advanced technology and user-centric design, marking a significant advancement in electric wheelchair control systems. Its focus on safety, reliability, and ease of use makes it a standout choice in the mobility aid market.


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