500W Permanent Magnet Transaxle ND22-2-21

The 500W Permanent Magnet Transaxle ND22-2-21 is a high-performance inline transaxle combining a DC permanent magnet brush motor with a differential. It boasts alloy steel hardened gears, offering five times the longevity of powder metallurgy gears and operates at a quiet 54dB.


Meet the future of transaxles – the 500W series inline transaxle. This cutting-edge piece of machinery is the culmination of state-of-the-art engineering. Designed to provide users with unparalleled efficiency and durability, it marries a DC permanent magnet brush motor to a differential. What sets it apart is its alloy steel hardened gears. These aren’t just your average gears – they boast a longevity that is five times longer than those made from powder metallurgy. On top of that, you can expect an impressively low noise level at 54dB, ensuring minimal disruption during operation.

Performance Advantages

  • Superior Gear Material: Made of high-quality alloy steel, these gears guarantee high strength performance.
  • Extended Gear Lifespan: With a tooth surface hardness of over 350HBS, expect these gears to last. They are designed to provide a prolonged duration of oil lubrication, ensuring minimal maintenance.
  • Unbelievably Quiet: No more loud operational noises! The 500W series inline transaxle prides itself on keeping the noise levels as low as 54dB.
  • Enhanced Load and Lifespan: This transaxle doesn’t just perform; it lasts. Users can anticipate a large transmission load capacity and a service life that’s five times longer than other electric transaxles.

500W Permanent Magnet Transaxle ND22-2-21


Feature Specification
Model ND22-2-21
Rated Voltage DC 24V
Rated Power 500W
Transmission Ratio 1:21
No-load Speed 219RPM
Rated Torque 27 Nm
Motor Efficiency 72%
Motor Diameter Ø97
Electromagnetic Brake 1.3Nm
Motor Type brushed/brushless

500W Permanent Magnet Transaxle ND22-2-21 drawing


The versatility of the 500W series inline transaxle ND22-2-21, by Rotontek, is truly impressive. Let’s dive into some of its common applications:

  • Electric Trollys: Enhance the efficiency of electric trollys with the power of this transaxle. Ensuring a smooth ride, reduced noise, and extended durability.
  • Floor Cleaners: Floor cleaners need strength, and this transaxle delivers just that. Benefit from reduced maintenance and longer machine life.
  • Playground Equipment: Safety and durability are paramount in playground equipment. With its low noise and long service life, this transaxle is an ideal choice.

500W Permanent Magnet Transaxle ND22-2-21 application

With Rotontek’s commitment to quality and innovation, the 500W series inline transaxle ND22-2-21 sets a new standard in the world of transaxles. Whether it’s for industrial or recreational use, trust in this product to deliver peak performance every time.


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