350W Permanent Magnet Brushless Transaxle LDM01

The LDM01 is a 350W brushless transaxle featuring a permanent magnet design. With a differential function, it ensures a tight turning radius and enhanced safety. Its high-efficiency motor conserves power, prolongs operational time, and offers a low-noise user experience. Customization options for voltage and other specifics are available.


Diving deep into the world of transaxles, one will encounter a plethora of choices. But when precision, power, and reliability come into play, there’s a clear standout in the market: the LDM01 brushless series transaxle.

The LDM01 brushless series transaxle, a culmination of advanced engineering, marries a BLDC motor and differential into a single cohesive unit. It’s not just a product, it’s an experience – one that caters to both performance enthusiasts and safety-conscious users.

Key Features

  • Differential Function: Thanks to this feature, the transaxle boasts a small turning radius. This not only ensures that it’s difficult for the device to roll over but also elevates the safety standards.
  • High-Efficiency Motor: Power conservation is at the forefront with the LDM01. Its high-efficiency motor ensures less power consumption, thus prolonging its operational duration.
  • Brushless Design: One of the standout features is its brushless design. This ensures a longer lifespan for the product and addresses maintenance challenges often associated with brush-type motors.
  • User Experience Enhanced: Nobody likes a noisy motor. That’s why LDM01 ensures a low noise output, providing users with a comfortable and superior experience.
  • Customization: Rotontek understands that one size doesn’t fit all. The LDM01 comes with optional voltages ranging from 24V to 48V. Furthermore, factors like speed, shaft length, and more can be tailored to individual needs.

350W Permanent Magnet Brushless Transaxle LDM01


Parameter LDM01-350 Details
Model LDM01-350
Rated voltage DC 24V-48V
Rated power 350W
Transmission ratio 1:17.75
No-load speed 200 RPM
Rated torque 16 Nm
Motor efficiency 80%
Motor diameter Ø68-70
Electromagnetic brake 3Nm

350W Permanent Magnet Brushless Transaxle LDM01 drawing

Application Potential of LDM01

Rotontek’s LDM01 is versatile. Its design and features make it suitable for:

  • Electric Vehicles: Especially those requiring tight turning radii and extended run times.
  • Industrial Machinery: Where efficiency and reduced maintenance are paramount.
  • Recreational Devices: Think electric scooters or golf carts where user experience and safety are vital.

In essence, Rotontek’s LDM01 brushless series transaxle emerges as a compelling choice for those in pursuit of reliability, performance, and an unparalleled user experience.

350W Permanent Magnet Brushless Transaxle LDM01 application


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